Brand insight through data.


Success through human creativity & experience.

 Does your current reputation really reflect your brand values? And if not, why not?

This is just one of the questions we’ll uncover the answers to as we deep dive into the detail of current perceptions, challenges, obstacles and opportunities relating to your business – not forgetting how these rank in relation to your competitors.





Our blueprint to reputational success.

Class-leading data insights to demystify your reputational position

Firstly, we analyse your corporate reputation and its impact on brand value, using in-depth, intelligent data analysis of wherever people are talking about your company, products and services – such as the media, social platforms, and online review sites.

Through this, we understand exactly how your brand is perceived and the infiltration level of your messaging, segmented by your target audiences.

We prepare and deliver a reputation audit, together with competitor analysis and actionable insights.

Multi-channel PR strategies, developed to smash your corporate objectives

This is where our skilled team of PR professionals take our data-driven insights and inject the magic.

Our creative teams consider organisational nuances and audience demands to develop winning strategies designed to achieve your business objectives as well as directly influence and improve reputational value where you need it most.

We’re everywhere your customers, prospects & stakeholders are

Thirdly, our experienced PR professionals implement these strategies, supported by real-time data tracking and AI.

This enables us to monitor the performance of our campaigns and tactics, providing you with meaningful intelligence on reputational uplift, opportunities for growth and any emerging areas of concern.

Always-on reputation tracking & measurement

Our meticulous approach to the combination of skilled PR delivery fed by class-leading data insight, delivers continual insight, measurement and tactical adjustment, hour by hour, day by day.

We feed in C-Suite level metrics which are understandable, insightful and relatable, giving you a clear vision as to how your PR investment is positively impacting upon your business reputation – and how these reputational gains are helping to strengthen your business.


what does our measurement and analysis look like?


Industry trend analysis and benchmarking to lay solid grounds for success
Who’s talking about you, your brand, your products and services – analysed by source, influence, reach, virality, and authority
Which channels deliver the highest ROI? What content is delivering the best results?
Sentiment analysis, tracked over time, to illustrate the positive outcomes of our work
Share of voice against identified competitors
Trend tracking and meaningful analysis of the sources of activity spikes
Early identification of any emerging negative sentiment, creating strategies to address and deal with issues before they become crises
The ability to bolt on consumer research to understand your consumers, your brand and your market
Understand your consumer reviews to inform marketing & PR tactics and sell more