About Us

We were born by the beach, with a desire to combine outstanding, big-hitting work with a compassionate and ethical approach.

25 years on, we remain true to the values we set out on day one.

Being one of the few multi-generational, family-owned and operated PR agencies in the UK, family values sit at the core of our everything we do. We embrace creativity, individuality and promote empathy. We don’t do things in halves. We care.

Our values-led approach naturally aligns us with clients who genuinely care about their stakeholders. That’s why we’ve formed successful, long-lasting relationships with some of the UK’s best-loved names, across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Our curious nature and belief in delivering the best for our clients made us early adopters of technologies and methods which are now common practices. We’ve evolved to be ahead of the crowd, with a natural focus on employee wellbeing, flexible working and sustainable communications way before many of our competitors.

Today, while we continue to operate from our original beachside office in Sandbanks, we also have satellite workspaces in London and France, run by our senior leadership team.

Take a closer look.

What makes us different?

We know that the only way to grow sales and build brands with long-term, sustainable results is through reputation. That’s why everything we do on behalf of our clients is focused around protecting, managing and amplifying their brand value.

But communicating with your customers is only one small part of the puzzle. We focus on the big picture and build out the small details, creating interwoven strategies which reach and influence all your stakeholder groups. We deep dive into your business to understand it just as well as your team.

We don’t suggest activities and stories just to generate coverage. We want to achieve results that create lasting, positive impact with your target audiences.  That’s why media relations is just one part of our armoury, and our successful campaigns are built on the back of understanding and using every communications strand which exists between you and your audience. We believe the message is king, and column inches are just a vanity metric if they don’t reach and influence your publics.

In short: we don’t waste your money on making noise where it won’t be heard by those who matter.

Of course, we wouldn’t be successful today without an exceptional dedication to providing continual return on investment. Our clients trust us to deliver win after stunning win, to have their backs at every turn, and to energetically hunt down creative opportunities to expand their brand presence. You can’t underestimate the value in brand affinity and that is what we create – naturally and organically.

But we believe that this can – and should – go hand in hand with being thoroughly nice people to have in your corner.

Our clients tell us that we’re not an extension of their team; we ARE their team – we’re known for the little touches as well as the big hitting impacts, such as making the tea round when visiting a client, and taking part in their company initiatives like litter picks or team building days.

We aren’t a big, bolshy agency. We make no pretence in trying to be something we’re not. We are proud of our name and history, and are confident in the high-quality work we deliver for clients who care about making a positive impact. We offer protection, support and care; we aren’t superheroes, but we can work some reputational magic. We have an innate ability to nurture and aid growth – for our clients, our colleagues and for the agency.

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Our values


Before business colleagues or associates, we are people and our audiences are people, so we will always take a human approach


We show creativity and insightful vision throughout our work and strategies. Being imaginative comes with our playful nature


We are always trustworthy and are an honest broker for our clients and colleagues


 We work in partnership with those around us


We carry out our work with dedication and enthusiasm, fully invested in the success of others as if they were our own


We do the right (not the easiest) thing, guiding our colleagues and clients down the path that allows them to flourish long term