We take your reputation personally.

Since its inception in 1998, LLPR has taken a reputation-first approach.

A brand’s value and its bottom line lies in its reputation, and therefore building and protecting these for our clients has been at the core of our purpose since day one.

Reputations can’t be manufactured or engineered. They are built as a result of what you say and most importantly, what you do –  not as a corporate entity, but as people, interacting with people.

While you own your brand, your reputation is ‘owned’ by your customers, stakeholders and influencers. It’s created through what they believe, hear, think, and feel about you.

Simply put, your most powerful asset is held in the hands of others.

That’s why we’ve always taken our clients’ reputations personally – because reputations need a human touch and a deep understanding of how a brand’s actions impact on those they connect with.

Now, in the technologically advanced world we operate in, we combine real-time data with human insight to build, enhance and protect reputations, from start-ups to household brands, in a time where they mean the most to the bottom line.

Because your audiences take your reputation personally, so do we.
Always have, always will.

Powerful strategies to develop corporate reputation

Here’s how we help our clients create positive, purposeful change.

We create change which makes profit.

We create greater understanding of customer and stakeholder perceptions of your brand – and develop strategies for effective brand-building

We deliver creative, impactful campaigns across all communications channels to support business objectives

We protect from possible reputational damage through continual tracking of trends and conversations to identify and address issues

We identify new areas of opportunity through intelligent competitor and industry analysis

We create and demonstrate positive impact on reputational and brand value as a direct result of our work

We’ve scrapped the digital vs traditional PR debate.

Your audiences don’t think about you differently online as opposed to offline, so we don’t make a distinction, either. As people communicate in complex and myriad ways, our strategies go wherever your audiences do.

That’s why we don’t sell tactics such as press releases or social posts in isolation. Reputation building tactics should change in a heartbeat, in response to audiences’ brand perception and your developing objectives.

Instead, we sell effective, reputation-first communications, designed to positively influence your bottom line, with robust measurement in place to track your return on investment in a simple and insightful manner.

We believe the message is king: column inches are just a vanity metric if they don’t influence your reputation.  Simply put, we don’t waste your money  by making noise where it won’t be heard.

We make your PR investment work harder and smarter, by removing the guesswork.

Class-leading data collected from millions of sources around the globe guides our approach and provides solid evidence of the success of our strategies.

While our work is informed by the latest developments in consumer and media intelligence AI, we believe that this is only one half of the whole.

Those winning strategies, and their tactical implementation, are created and delivered by highly experienced PR professionals who are fluent in brand storytelling and building emotive, long-lasting relationships between you and your audiences.

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