What’s hot and what’s not in social media

What’s hot and what’s not in social media

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Successful social media: Paralympic Games

  • Users can now add temporary profile pictures on Facebook to support their country’s team.
  • The official Paralympic Games Facebook page features daily 360-degree videos from Rio.
  • Athletes can share their experience live with fans in the Instagram photo booth in the heart of the Paralympic Village and also use the Facebook Live station.

In other social media news…

LinkedIn now offers conversion tracking

  • One month ago LinkedIn announced its sale to Microsoft and is now boosting its offering to advertisers with conversion tracking capabilities.
  • This will help brands better understand ROI from sponsored content and campaigns.
  • Businesses will be able to track leads, sign-ups, content downloads and purchases.

Twitter adds read receipts to Direct Messages

  • A new feature has been added to Twitter’s direct messaging platform, following in the footsteps of Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • ‘Read Receipts’ has been introduced to Direct Messages and the time is shown alongside a tick when the recipient has opened and seen the message.
  • This is now turned on by default but you can change this in settings.

Social media and memory

  • A new study published in ‘Memory’ reveals that posting on social media helps to improve your memory.
  • The more you post online, the more you’ll remember, the study shows.
What’s hot and what’s not in social media

What’s hot and what’s not in social media

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Successful social media: #GBBO

  • It’s the nation’s favourite, Great British Bake Off. The show is well into the new series now and we are getting to know the characters and alongside all of that, social media is the place to be.
  • Next time you’re watching it, just take a look at Twitter and see just how many brands are interacting with #GBBO and have carefully scheduled marketing campaigns and social messages to align with the theme of the episode.
  • In this week’s episode, making jaffa cakes was the technical challenge. And after the item featured on our screen, online grocery searches in the UK for ‘Jaffa Cakes’ rose by 136 per cent. Sainsbury’s has reported an increase in online searches for the ingredients used to make Jaffa Cakes since the episode aired and inspired bakers to try it for themselves.
  • The Jaffa Cake bake also fuelled the online sphere with many Twitter users expressing disgust at Paul Hollywood’s plan to dunk a jaffa in a cup of tea. Nearly 3,000 people took part in a GBBO Twitter poll on whether jaffas should be dunked or not.

 In other social media news…


River Island launches in-store Snapchat filters

  • Snapchat has now partnered with River Island to bring bespoke branded filters to Snapchat users which only activate in-store.
  • This is the first time this has been introduced for Snapchat.
  • The new ‘Snap & Share’ campaign allows River Island shoppers the chance to access bespoke filters and enter their competition to win a £1,000 shopping spree and digital camera.

What’s hot and what’s not in social media

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Successful social media campaign from Kopparberg

  • The cider brand has used Facebook advertising in an innovative way this week. Video spots are increasingly ‘silent’ on Facebook with users choosing to ignore them.
  • Instead, the brand rewards users who listen with the chance to win a limited edition cider. Users have to comment below the video with the words ‘I hear you,’ to highlight they have paid attention the video advert.

 In other social media news…

‘Inkwell’ Instagram filter linked to depression

  • Researchers from Harvard and the University of Vermont have revealed that the ‘Inkwell’ Instagram filter links to depression.
  • Inkwell is a black and white filter.
  • Observing over 160 individual Instagram accounts, the researchers found a correlation between certain colours, filters and subjects,
  • Could Instagram photos be a future means of screening for mental illness?

Twitter’s Promoted Stickers

  • A new report has revealed that Twitter sets a $500,000 asking price for brands wishing to run Promoted Stickers ad campaigns.
  • Brands can buy their own Promoted Stickers, with Pepsi quickly do so.

Shared WhatsApp data

  • WhatsApp will begin to share data with Facebook and companies will soon be able to send messages to users.
  • The popular messaging app is making the first change to its privacy policy since 2014.
What’s hot and what’s not in the world of social media

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of social media

I’ve scanned the latest news and updates in the social media world and here are the most important changes I’ve come across this week:

Successful social media campaign: #ThatsGold

  • Over the last few weeks, Coke’s #ThatsGold campaign has hit the social jackpot in support of the Olympics.
  • The Olympics has officially begun… which means the marketing scrabble around the Olympics has also begun.
  • Coke launched its #ThatsGold campaign with a global campaign featuring 79 athletes from around the world.
  • The campaign is global in print and TV, as well as social media. Coke is also running the #ThatsGold experience in the Olympic Park itself where visitors can enjoy a drink from a special gold aluminium bottle.

In other social media news…


Say hello to Instagram stories

  • Instagram Stories has been introduced, a brand new Instagram feature that lets you share moments from your day – and not just ones you want to store on your profile.
  • Photos / videos added appear in a slideshow format as ‘your story.’
  • The benefit is you don’t have to worry about over-posting. Photos and videos disappear after 24 hours and then won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.
  • The stories will appear in a bar at the top of your Instagram home page. A colourful ring around someone’s profile photo means they’ve shared something new. You can swipe through that person’s stories but unlike regular posts, there are no likes or comments.
  • Sound familiar? Yes, remarkably similar in concept to Snapchat.
  • So when it comes to business, is it better to be on Snapchat, Instagram Stories or both? See photograph for further info.


Twitter releases new emojis for #Rio2016

  • To help users interact with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Twitter has launched hundreds of new emojis.
  • There are new flags which can be generated by tweeting one of the country initials. So for example if you tweet #GRE for Greece, this will trigger a new mini flag.
  • What’s more each sport has been assigned its own icon and #Gold, #Silver and #Bronze brings up mini medallions. If you want to see a gold wreath, just add #Olympics and if you want to see the new firework emoji, just add #OpeningCeremony.

LinkedIn and video

  • Starting with an invitation-only group of 500 LinkedIn ‘influencers,’ LinkedIn has started to roll out user-generated videos.
  • These chosen influencers will soon be able to post 30-second videos on the site and users who follow these top 500 influencers will see their video posts in their LinkedIn feed.

Image credit: https://later.com/blog/instagram-stories-or-snapchat-stories

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of social media?

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of social media?

Image credit: Deccan Chronicle

I’ve scanned the latest news and updates in the social media world and here are the most important changes I’ve come across this week:

Successful social media campaign: #140Years

  • Warburtons (renowned British baking firm) celebrates its 140th anniversary with the launch of a Twitter campaign.
  • Users are being given the chance to win £140 every day by completing a challenge using emoji-based clues.
  • The campaign tells the brand’s story and uses emojis of key stakeholders, including the current chairman.

In other social media news…


Facebook’s bid for world domination with drones

  • ‘Project Aquila’ is Facebook’s new plan to connect the developing world with the developed world.
  • Facebook bought British business Ascenta a few years ago (based in Somerset), which creates solar-powered drones and the owner is now running Project Aquila.
  • The project involves solar-powered aircraft flying above remote places for months at a time to give out an internet connection.


Twitter opens its blue tick to all users

  • The blue tick verification once reserved for celebs and high profile users has now been opened to all account holders.
  • Twitter now invites all users to apply for the authentication badge.
  • For it to be verified, Twitter must consider the account to be ‘of public interest’ and the user applying must provide phone number, website, address and allow public tweets.