yummy chefs, yummy mummys & yummy easter eggs

It’s been quite an eventful month really; we’ve had the first rays of spring sunshine (yay! How nice was that?), the Budget (yawn), Mothering Sunday (any excuse for any woman to milk it) and Comic Relief (well done to everyone, including my 11 year old, Leila, for raising much needed funds).

Personally, this past month celebrity chef, James Martin, served me the most amazing steak I’ve ever had (OK, well sadly not just for me, but also for 200 others at the Bournemouth Hotel & Catering Show Dinner). The Liz Lean PR girls and myself dropped into the Print Room for some pancake flipping, under the guise of a “team meeting”, and we spotted TV hottie, Gary Lucy, outside the offices, pacing the pavements of Sandbanks on his mobile phone. Very exciting. Most notable was the incredibly funny and welcome big birthday celebration of Mr Andy Price (of Aruba, The Print Room and West Beach) – a 60’s themed affair, with groovy tunes supplied by Rob and the Jazz Juice crew. What a riot! Watching all the ‘great and good’ of the conurbation’s business community, council and high society grinding to the sounds in their flares, afro’s and other ridiculous get up was hilarious – happy birthday Andy, you threw a really great party!

Along the lines of serious pampering, and for my ‘blatant plug of the month’, I want to introduce you all to a beautiful boutique hair salon which has just opened in Ashley Cross, Poole – ‘Synergy on Parr Street’. The group’s third salon, this little beauty has a wonderful, young creative team led by Dan and Natalie and they’re keen to become a hub of activity for the Cross. The salon has a vintage and seriously chilled out feel, it’s easy to park and the famous ‘the dancing goat’ coffee shop is right next door so it really is now the best place to spot the area’s most glamorous yummy mummys!

Synergy on Parr Street

Working with St Peter’s church and others from Ashley Cross, they are hosting a Street Party to celebrate Kate and Will’s big day on the afternoon of the 29th April. We’ll be down there toasting the newlyweds and having a go with the kids at all their planned activities, come and join us.

We’re looking forward to Easter and the excuse to eat mountains of chocolate, not ideal when the fitness routine is still being attempted, albeit ‘routine’ perhaps is not the best term to use. Anyone seeing me trying to do crunches on the beach the morning after Andy Price’s bash might not have thought I’m taking it quite as seriously as I should be. They hopefully mistook me for some fin- flapping dolphin washed up on the shoreline! It entertained my friend Sarah anyway. Ultimately, I’m trying my best but it’s hard, so I admire any fitness addicts out there with the discipline to make it a key part of their lives, it’s so important for stress busting and health overall.

Whilst wishing you good health, I also hope you receive the Easter egg of your dreams (mine’s a simple Dairy Milk please). Enjoy the ‘Spring’ in your step!

Until the next time…