More brides say ‘I do’ to Compton Acres

More brides say ‘I do’ to Compton Acres


Weddings at Compton Acres

When our account manager, Gemma, was told by her client the South coast garden attraction, Compton Acres, that they are toasting an incredible 70% rise in wedding bookings year on year at its gorgeous Italian Villa,  she endevoured to find out how this can be in the current climate when everyone is tightening their belts to avoid being munched up and spat out by the credit crunch.

Gemma discovered that this increase on 2008 bookings supports historical data from the Office for National Statistics revealing that marriage rates tend to increase when the country falls into a period of recession. Therefore in the absence of financial security, people seek emotional security.

Suzie Watts from the Italian Villa explains:

“We’ve seen a staggering rise in bookings and enquiries for the Italian Villa but at the same time we are seeing signs that couples are being more savvy with their spending. The popularity of mid-week weddings certainly suggests an emerging trend. Perhaps it’s because couples seeking the wow factor of a beautiful wedding in a prestige venue realise that if they make their booking on a week day their budget will go further and they’ll have more to spend on a band, a designer dress or be able to invite more guests.”

“We all hear reports about divorces increasing during times of economic uncertainty but as well as pushing a couple apart it can push a couple together. Perhaps more people are realising how important their relationship is and taking things to the next level which provides emotional security at a time when the financial outlook might not be so bouyant.”

Compton Acres is licensed to perform marriages and partnership ceremonies.

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