Towering Christmas tree planned for Tower Park leisure complex

Guests visiting Tower Park this winter will be awed by a new, giant Christmas tree designed especially for the complex by festive experts The Christmas Decorators.

Used by celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and Mariah Carey, The Christmas Decorators offer bespoke indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations for homes and businesses.

Tower Park’s specially designed tree is planned to be over 20ft high and will stand proud amongst the complex’s other attractions such as the Splashdown water park and swimming pool, Empire Cinema, Bowlplex tenpin bowling, kids soft play, bingo and range of restaurants.

Based in Shaftesbury, the family-run, new regional branch of The Christmas Decorators is manned by David and Amanda Britton and Piers Brown, who are experts in Christmas theming from nostalgic Victorian themes to glittering winter wonderlands with lights, garlands and wreaths.

Managing director, David Britton, commented: “We were delighted when Tower Park Entertainment Centre asked us to design an extraordinary Christmas tree that would take guests’ breath away. We happily accepted that challenge and are looking forward to unveiling our sparkling spectacle to the people of Poole.”

Anne Joliffe of Tower park says: “Nothing says Christmas quite like a tree, and with their vast experience, we know The Christmas Decorators is the company to create our centre piece.”

To find out more about the services available from The Christmas Decorators please visit and select ‘Dorset office’ from the contacts page, or call 01258 839194.

Go out with a Big Bang

It was the biggest switch on since the Harrods Christmas lights and one that thankfully didn’t bring about the end of the world as we know it. The Cern boffins are patting each other on the back after two beams of particles were successfully fired around the 27km-long tunnel where the Large Hadron Collider lives.

The next step for the £5 billion ‘monster atom smasher‘ as coined by the Daily Telegraph, is to smash the particles together to recreate the conditions a few moments after the Big Bang, revealing the very secrets of the cosmos…Or a big black hole will appear and all those secrets will be swallowed up along with us.

But for now while the world is still turning, the girls of LLPR will carry on making our clients the centre of our universe and worrying about what to wear to the Animal Windfest Tropical Butterfly Ball on Friday night.

For tickets to join us or to see what is happening over the course of the event, check out the Animal Windfest website.