Cheryl Cole’s X Factor bootcamp to take place in Sandbanks Superhome?

Cheryl Cole’s X Factor bootcamp to take place in Sandbanks Superhome?

Our local newspaper, Bournemouth Daily Echo, is taking on Perez Hilton in the gossip stakes today! The rumour is the X Factor might be coming to Poole.

Everyone’s favourite X Factor judge,  Cheryl Cole, is required to stay in the UK after her recent bout of malaria, so X Factor location scouts are looking for a suitably stunning location to rival her fellow judges’ overseas venues.

The glamorous Girls Aloud singer might be hosting her bootcamp in a multi-million pound mansion called Emporio, according to Sandbanks-based property developers Seven, who confirmed receiving an enquiry from ITV.

Emporio by Seven Developments, Sandbanks

“We got a call after they saw our Emporio house, which has recently been finished. We understand they are just looking at it as one option at the moment,”confirmed the guy from Seven Development, but there was no mention of his name…

Our client, Adrian Dunford of Tailor Made estate agents in Sandbanks, who was happy to be named, said he was not surprised the area was being considered “When the sun is out, Poole Harbour and Sandbanks compare with anywhere in the world,” he said. “The backdrop of the water is fantastic and the views are terrific.”

All the girls in our office agree that a sunny Sandbanks can rival last year’s judges destinations including Dubai, Los Angeles and Tuscany. We think that the three-floor, £4.5 million Emporio would be a winning venue for the X Factor and we’d happily look after  Cheryl while she’s in town.

Liz Lean PR’s new recruit survives Hardy Women Weekend

Hardy woman, Natalie Brewer

LLPR's hardy woman, Natalie Brewer

Our newest recruit, Natalie,  survived a weekend of wilderness on Brownsea Island and raised more than £100 for Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Thirty women jumped at the chance of playing Bear Grylls and making their own shelters, taking part in a nature walk, cooking on camp fires and cutting down rhododendron bushes, which although beautiful, prevent other plants from flourishing on the Island.

Natalie says:  “I love a challenge and this was a chance to not only support Dorset Wildlife Trust in their good work but meet fantastic people as well as experiencing something out of my comfort zone.

I managed to see the infamous three red squirrels that inhabit the Island during the event and will be adopting a squirrel through the charity. I will definitely be writing my name down for other similar adventures in the future.”