Hamworthy Heating staff commit to protecting Hatch Pond wildlife reserve in 2014

The Hamworthy Heating Team join forces for Pond Watch

Hamworthy Heating staff have committed to keeping a local wildlife reserve as nature intended for the second year running. 

The Poole based company, which makes commercial boilers, is situated just yards from local beauty spot Hatch Pond and formed a staff ‘Pond Watch’ team in August last year.

This May will see the 10 strong troop join forces with Poole Borough Council for a second year, helping to litter pick, water plants and keep an eye on Hatch Pond’s diverse array of wildlife throughout the summer months.

As well as being home to mute swans, great crested grebes and bitterns, the wildlife reserve is also a favourite haunt for fishermen and hosts an oak tree planted by children from Canford Heath Middle School to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.

Staff at Hamworthy Heating are granted time to assist with the ‘Pond Watch’ scheme during work hours as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

Bob Walsh, technical director and head of Hamworthy Heating’s CSR committee, said: “Giving back to the area we work in is very high on our list of priorities. Hatch Pond is a little oasis rarely found in such an urban area and with it being a stone’s throw from our company doorstep, we get real satisfaction in helping to keep it clean and tidy so we were very happy to commit our time to the project for a second year.”

Liz Williams, Environmental Enhancement Officer, Borough of Poole, commented: “We are delighted the Hamworthy Heating team will be joining us on ‘Pond Watch’ again this year. The company’s support demonstrates the way in which every individual can make a difference by helping to look after the areas that they work and live in.”

For those interested in inviting Hamworthy Heating to support local projects aimed at improving the environment are invited to email ellie@lizleanpr.co.uk.

More information about Hamworthy Heating’s CSR programme can be found at www.hamworthy-heating.com/csr .

Hamworthy Heating appeals for ‘memories’ as centenary approaches

Hamworthy Heating is asking local people to come forward with their memories of the company’s history. 

The national commercial boiler manufacturer, based in Fleetsbridge, Poole, will be celebrating its 100 year old roots in June this year and is gathering stories and photographs about the company’s heritage.

Opened in 1914 by founders Percy and Sidney Hall, ‘Hamworthy Engineering Company Ltd’ has played a large role in shaping the economy of Poole as we know it today.

Originally housed on Poole Quay, the business quickly built a worthy reputation for high quality products, selling pumps and compressors for use in marine engineering – a side of the company that expanded rapidly during the First and Second World Wars.

The exceptional standard of products earned the firm one of the first Admiralty ‘Class A’ certificates to be issued to any firm in Britain and allowed products to be accepted without further quality control checks.

Post-war Britain saw the firm diversify products in order to thrive; joining with British Combustion Equipment Limited and providing oil-fired industrial installations – an innovative concept produced by the firm ahead of its time.

New ideas and exceptional quality saw the company expand to larger premises on ‘Fleets Corner’ in 1954, where Hamworthy Heating’s Head Office remains today.

During 1988 the rapid expansion of Hamworthy Engineering resulted in the company taking a fresh look at its diverse operations, which, although using related engineering skills, were each meeting different needs for different industries.

From the original divisions came new subsidiaries, each one registered as a Limited company in its own right and the company known as Hamworthy Heating was born.

Bob Walsh, technical director at Hamworthy Heating, said: “In the 1960’s, the Hamworthy company said: The development of Hamworthy (Company) has depended on people who in their various capacities have served the company loyally and well. It is they who count most . . . whatever we say the company has done, they did. The same is true of Hamworthy Heating today and we are so keen to gather the memories people have of the Hamworthy Company’s part in the local community.” 

He added: “Tracing our company history gives us a fascinating insight into the part it has played in shaping our local community, and in turn, how the local community has shaped the path of our business. We would be delighted if people could share their memories of the firm’s past with us, as our company’s role in the local community is extremely important to us.”

Hamworthy Heating hopes to use the memories collected to create a special exhibition panel of the Hamworthy firm’s past. To submit memories, please call Ellie Cowley at Liz Lean PR on 01202 701828 or email ellie@lizleanpr.co.uk before Wednesday 30 April.

For more information about Hamworthy Heating’s community projects and sustainable products, visit www.hamworthy-heating.com.

Hamworthy Heating ‘highly commended’ for fundraising efforts at Poole Hospital Awards

Staff at Hamworthy Heating were ‘highly commended’ for their fundraising efforts at the Poole Hospital Awards on Wednesday March 19. 

(From left) Celebrity guest Chris Jarvis with Sam Boshier and Bob Walsh of Hamworthy Heating with their ‘Fundraiser of the Year award’. Right, Director of Finance at Poole Hospital, Paul Turner. The team received third prize in the ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ category after being nominated by Forest Holme Hospice, a Poole-based charity supporting those with terminal illnesses.

The commercial boiler manufacturer, based in Poole, chose Forest Holme as its ‘Charity of the Year’ in early 2013.

Hamworthy Heating has supported the Hospice in a variety of ways throughout the year, from volunteering in the Forest Holme charity shop to donating two brand new boilers worth over £8,000.

Bob Walsh, technical director at Hamworthy Heating, said: “Our main objective in getting involved with local charity work is to support our community and provide help, not just financially but also with our time.

“We are delighted to receive a highly commended award for this year’s activities and our thanks go to the whole Forest Holme team for nominating us. We would also like to congratulate Jude Martin for her first place award, she was a worthy winner and she has such drive and determination.”

He added: “The commitment and care evident in the NHS employees is humbling yet uplifting for all to see and their efforts make a positive difference to peoples’ lives.

“I am sure that the simple act of recognising their efforts with these awards has a huge impact on their self-belief and feeling valued within a large organisation under continual pressure to deliver patient care.”

Samantha Boshier, marketing executive at Hamworthy Heating, agreed: “We really enjoyed attending the awards. Hearing first-hand about the work that many of the staff and volunteers do at Poole Hospital and Forest Holme Hospice just makes us more driven to help as much as we can through fundraising and giving our time.”

Hannah Parsons, Corporate Fundraiser at Forest Holme Hospice, said: “It has been a great pleasure to work with Hamworthy Heating over the past 12 months. The staff and patients at Forest Holme Hospice are incredibly grateful for their generosity and kindness.”

For more information about Hamworthy Heating’s community projects and sustainable products, visit www.hamworthy-heating.com/csr. 

Hamworthy Heating gets back to its roots planting trees for Tuckers Field community project

Staff from Hamworthy Heating have gone back to their roots by planting trees for a local community park project. 

Based at Tuckers Lane, just minutes from Hamworthy Heating’s headquarters in Poole, the Borough of Poole’s Environmental Development Team are transforming the derelict site of the former Hamworthy First School’s old playing field into a haven for native flora and fauna, known as Tuckers Field.

The national commercial heating and hot water specialist has committed to planting 13 trees to celebrate the sale of 13 biomass boilers in 2013. The environmentally friendly biomass boilers are fuelled by recycled and sustainable wood sources.

Neville Radford, Business Development Manager for biomass at Hamworthy Heating and Mark Goodacre, Marketing Executive for Hamworthy Heating, donned fleeces and wellies to join project manager Caroline Gaze and Borough of Poole employee David Price planting fruit trees which will eventually grow into a source of free fruit for local people.

Neville said: “Planting trees for the Tuckers Field park project was the perfect way to celebrate last year’s sale of 13 biomass boilers. Our range of biomass boilers provides an environmentally sustainable heating solution for our customers.”

Mark added: “I’ve lived around this area for years and remember what it used to be like as a playing field. It’s fantastic to be able to get our hands dirty and get actively involved in turning the field into a place locals can come and enjoy again.”

The team initially planted six trees (Thursday Feb 27) and will plant another seven at a different site later in the year.

Project Manager Caroline Gaze said: “These trees are a fantastic addition to the new open space. We have involved schools and the local community with this project and it is great that Hamworthy Heating came forward to help support the project too. The trees will provide an attractive element which will benefit both wildlife and people.”

For more information about Hamworthy Heating’s community projects and renewable energy products, visit www.hamworthy-heating.com.

Three baths full of blood from Hamworthy Heating

Staff at Hamworthy Heating in Poole have collectively donated over 400 pints of blood

Staff at Hamworthy Heating in Poole have collectively donated more than 400 pints of blood – enough to fill nearly three baths or the company’s Dorchester DR-FC Evo 25 condensing water heater full of blood.

The bloodmobile visits the Hamworthy Heating site on Fleets Corner three times a year and many staff choose to donate there and on other sites to support the sick and injured in their local communities and hospitals.

Development engineer Tim Wood has made an outstanding contribution by donating 65 pints over the past 30 years.

Tim says: “As healthy individuals, we have chosen to donate blood and play our part in helping to save lives. It doesn’t take long to do and you never know when you or a member of your family might need it someday.”

In around an hour, a person can donate one unit of blood that can help to save or improve up to three lives. Hospitals acrossEnglandandNorth Walesneed around 7,000 units of blood every day to treat a range of health issues.

Geraldine Parker, lead donor relations manager at NHS Blood and Transplant, adds: “Tim’s dedication to blood donation is commendable. Hopefully he and the other donors from Hamworthy Heating will inspire their colleagues that have never given blood before to do so.”

Visit www.blood.co.uk or contact 0300 123 23 23 for more information about donating blood. Anyone aged between 17 – 65, weighing more than 50 kg (7 stone 12lbs) and in general good health could potentially start saving lives by becoming a blood donor.