Harness the power of influence.


We have years of in-house expertise at managing influencer campaigns on behalf of clients – creating compelling and authentic partnerships which catapault brand awareness to new, highly relevant audiences.

Getting influencer partnerships right is a skilled art, involving painstaking background research to validate authenticity and reputation. When it comes to entrusting your precious brand name with others, we don’t take any chances, and follower numbers alone is no measure of ultimate success.

That’s why we develop a detailed strategy for you from the outset, to make sure it’s all win, and no sin.

Dependent on the size and scale of your need, we’ll source anything from big name social media influencers and household celebrities, to bring your name in front of a potential audience of millions – right down to niche influencers which are just right for your sector and generate huge levels of follower trust and engagement, creating stunning ROI.

Case study: Celebrity endorsement at Peppa Pig World


Paultons Park, the home of Peppa Pig World, set us an objective to connect with more parents with young children through social, raising awareness of the park to new audiences and illustrating the quality of the offering, showcase the attraction, and bring to life the excitement of children visiting the park.


LLPR approached Made in Chelsea star, Binky Felstead, inviting her to host her daughter’s 2nd birthday party at Paultons Park.

Our objective was to utilise Binky Felstead’s large social following to drive engagement on the Paultons Park Instagram account. As Binky fits firmly into the park’s target audience and is well known for her work with Mummy Tribe, there was a clear match between Paultons Park, Binky Felstead and her audience.

The celebrity agreed to a complimentary party at the park under agreement to share photos and videos from the day with her Instagram audience of 1.4million. These posts would tag and highlight
the location of the party. The activity was developed to grow following, increase impressions and prompt a rise in profile visits on the Paultons Park Instagram account.

LLPR managed liaison between suppliers, Binky and Paultons Park, ensuring that there was a clear plan for the day delivering necessary requirements for each party.

On the day of the event, LLPR was on hand to ensure the party ran smoothly and to represent Paultons Park, assisting Binky and her team where necessary.












Our partnership with Binky Felsted was a major success, as demonstrated by the metrics we measured immediately following the day of the party and real-time social media engagement.

167% increase in Instagram profile visits within 24 hours

1,841% increase in website visits from Instagram profile within 24 hours

400 new Instagram followers over the following 7 days

83% increase in Instagram impressions over the following 7 days

Case study: launching a clothing collection through lockdown


National outdoor and leisure clothing brand Weird Fish was in the process of preparing to launch its new collection, ‘Active Life’, just as the UK entered national lockdown.

As a result, all photoshoot activity and in-store promotion was halted. As its retained PR agency for the past 7 years, LLPR has become a trusted partner of the brand and was heavily involved in the preparation for and launch of the new collection, which would now take place online only.


The first challenge was to overcome the issue of a lack of lifestyle photography.

As photographic studios and location shoots were unavailable during lockdown, we sourced a number of highly targeted social media influencers:- not only to review and post about the collection, but also to act as dedicated models to help launch the garments to market.

This innovative approach set the Weird Fish brand apart from competitors during the same time period, bringing a competitive advantage as well as investing customers in relatable, real-life models who not only wore the clothes, but could talk authentically about how they complemented their lifestyles.


Our influencer campaign was a huge success, with a total reach of 116,844 over three weeks, generating 22,679 total impressions on the content created.

Weird Fish made the decision to also use members of staff to model the Active Life collection, so we developed a targeted news release to issue to trade, business and regional media. Coverage was picked up across key titles including Retail Gazette, Retail Bulletin and Gloucestershire Live.

As a result, the Active Life range was met with highly positive feedback.

The Active Life landing page, which featured our influencer imagery, became the brand’s sixth best performing page ever and the range itself became the brand’s best-selling in May.