Purpose & ESG

Bringing your good work into focus

Today’s brand building strategies need to adopt environmental, social and governance at their core to be able to connect with the increasingly ethically aware consumer. But, it can be a minefield.

It’s clear that consumers attach higher value to purpose-led brands. Better ESG ratings have also been proven to attract quality employees and improve retention, to boost staff morale, increase access to subsidies, and to help investor relations.

But many organisations have been hesitant to bring ESG into their comms strategies, in light of the ‘greenwashing’ debate and due to a lack of knowledge of how to communicate progress in an authentic fashion which will resonate with their audiences.

We’ll help you shape your purpose-driven strategies and bring these to the attention of your stakeholders in the right way – illustrating the reality of your journey, celebrating milestones and successes, while drawing attention to your long-term vision.

If you need a little more help on the practical side , we’ll bring in the expertise of our sustainability consultant to help you figure out how to shape your ESG strategies in a commercially viable manner.