Thomas Robson-Kanu’s professional football career nearly met an insurmountable hurdle through injury, but he and his father, Rechi Kanu, created a product worthy of the world’s top athletes.

What started as a solution to the Welsh international’s injury became The Turmeric Co., a business brimming with passion and commitment as it’s grown immensely.

Thomas & Rechi join us to break down the similarities between the entrepreneurial mindset and that of elite footballers, the commitment to an honest, quality product, and how this family business collaborates so well.

This episode covers:

  • The parallels between Thomas’ professional footballing mindset and their approach to running The Turmeric Co.
  • Rechi’s tireless research in creating the finest quality product, and maintaining that quality at scale
  • How the difference in opinion often helps to filter down to the most well thought out ideas

Episode Highlights

“We began identifying these natural key ingredients, such as watermelon, pomegranate, pineapple, ginger, and subsequently turmeric. It was my father who began pulling all of these natural ingredients together, and putting them into a concoction which I could consume on a regular basis.” – 3:45 – Thomas Robson-Kanu 

“It was very difficult to actually connect what you can use that will work because we’re all used to instant results. You take your painkiller, you wake up the next day, you’re okay. Natural medication or food is a distant runner. You have to maintain it, and it involves a lot of discipline and a change of lifestyle.” – 7:10 – Rechi Kanu

“In terms of delivering and building a business, it was very much taken from my experience of playing elite, professional football within a team environment. So what do you need within that? You need structure, how you deliver on a product or a service, you need consistency, and you need a process driven approach.” – 20:15 – Thomas Robson-Kanu 

“In order to achieve something, there is always an element of sacrifice. Then on top of that, if you are wanting to achieve something, you have to strive for excellence. If you’re just okay with working towards average, then that’s all you’re ever going to be.” – 28:25 – Thomas Robson-Kanu 

“Thomas will quietly get on with it and implement and execute things. So I’ve been very proud of that. I’m very proud of those moments when he’s actually made things happen for the business, just as he’s made it happen in his career as well.” – 39:40 – Rechi Kanu

“One of the big ambitions for us as a business and as an organisation is to establish a legacy. There’s the old saying, with great power comes great responsibility. It’s a massive commitment, we have to continue to sacrifice, we have to continue to deliver, we’re very much at the start of the journey. We get there by giving our best on a consistent basis, so one step at a time.” –  – Thomas Robson-Kanu

“I build things in my head and I visualise it, and I can see how it could work given what we have around us. I’ve always done that. Sometimes when you articulate that initially, other people could say it won’t work, because they haven’t seen it the way I’ve seen it. But once they understand where I’m coming from, the decision is made. As I said earlier, Thomas will go away and just get it done.” – 53:30 – Rechi Kanu

“Money is important, but first of all you do something because it’s what you want to do with conviction, and the rest will follow.” – 56:00 – Rechi Kanu

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