With 35 episodes under our belt since February 2021, we’re delighted to announce that It Runs In The Family has been named Best Podcast at the CIPR Excellence Awards 2022!

It’s an unparalleled pleasure to share such an experience within a family business, and now seems as good a time as any to look back at the wonderful experiences and incredible guests that made this award possible.

Join us for a very special episode where we pick out our highlights, share some hilarious stories, and even bring our editor Dan in to pick the brains of the man who sees the true mother-daughter relationship with zero filter…

This episode covers:

  • Our journey to the CIPR Excellence Awards
  • Episode highlights, from Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and Timothy Everest to Trewithen Dairy and ACME Whistles
  • How the podcast experience has exemplified the tight network that’s so special to family businesses
  • Tales from award shows past and present
  • A dissection of our own special bond

Episode Highlights

“CIPR is a fantastic membership organisation that really does keep the ethics and the good work behind comms professionals at the forefront of the business community. We’d like to acknowledge their hard work and their awards programme, which gave us the opportunity to really champion this podcast.” – 1:20 – Liz Willingham 

“Richard Branson himself is such a name, he is famous in his own right outside of the business. So how that plays a part in their family dynamic, their business dynamic – you can’t secretly slip into Virgin with the surname Branson without the dots being connected, I’m sure. So I would love to get under the skin with them.” – 8:30 – Leila Willingham 

“It’s so crazy to think that with all of the different business ideas, the different routes to market, everyone’s background may be so different, and yet they all share such similar values. Those people who listen through to every single one of the 36 episodes and counting will get that the best.” – 11:55 – Dan Johnston

“Thatcher’s is such a lovely business. They’ve really created a brilliant name for themselves perfectly, and they really champion the longevity of the business, the environment, and all the values that we know come so strongly through family firms. They’re a really big advocate for that. Plus, obviously they make really lovely cider!” – 15:25 – Leila Willingham 

“It is time consuming for our guests as well, and they put their trust and faith in us that we’re going to represent their brand appropriately, and to do the right and honourable thing by their business, so we are incredibly grateful.” – 20:25 – Liz Willingham 

“There’s a strong theme that comes through all of our episodes: people do it for the love of what they do. They do it because they love their team. They do it because they’re passionate about the product. We started the podcast because we love the stories and hadn’t really had ambitions to do what we’ve done with it, but it’s a nice bonus.” – 24:10 – Leila Willingham 

“As we’ve been on our own business, family business journey, we’ve always talked about whether we should get a family business mentor, whether they could help coach me so that I learn quicker. But if anything, I think we’ve had the best mentorship through all 35 of our recordings.” – 26:55 – Leila Willingham 

“Accountability is often the best way of learning. You can’t coach people so much that you’re just doing the job for them, and they’re not feeling exposed to risks of making a wrong judgement call. Sometimes in our industry, you do need to throw people in the deep end a little bit. That’s when they fly.” – 33:50 – Liz Willingham 

“Our life and our working life would be very different if we didn’t have the podcast. To be recognised for the hard work we put in, it’s been really nice. It’s been nice just to chat about us a little bit. It’s a bit self indulgent, but if there’s ever an opportunity to be self indulgent, it’s after an award win surely!” – 37:00 – Leila Willingham 

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