Episode show notes

From our family business to yours: Happy Valentine’s Day! What better day for us to celebrate all that we love about the people behind the show’s family business guests, and beyond.

This week, the Willingham family takes centre stage as we look back on our unbelievable roster of guests, and share our adoration for the traits that they’ve exhibited which you just won’t find outside of the wonderful world of family business!

This episode covers:

  • How 2024 has kicked off, and what family businesses can expect from the year ahead
  • Common touching points for most family businesses
  • The innate connection between kin within a family firm
  • Our appreciation for the candid honesty from all the guests that have joined us to date
  • Opportunities that family businesses create for their own next generations
                    A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                    Episode highlights

                    “We’ve had lots of conversations where, within the family dynamic, there’s a respect for energy levels and different skills, strengths and weaknesses. That’s where all the multi-generational businesses help that.” – 7:40 – Liz Willingham

                    “One of the things I love about family businesses is that we’ve seen an innate connection and almost psychic ability, both in our own business and across many of our guests.” – 13:20 – Leila Willingham

                    “I don’t think anyone sets up a business or founds a business, really thinking down the line, ‘I’m going to create this entity so that my children are going to have somewhere to work in the future’. Certainly that was never an objective for me. I’m just thankful and grateful that it organically happened.” – 22:05 – Liz Willingham

                    “When you add family dynamics into the equation it’s a big deal. The fact that family business owners are open and express how they feel in the rough times with us is a real testament to them.” – 28:30 – Liz Willingham

                    “I always knew I wanted to get involved with Liz Lean PR. But it was ‘What will everyone else think’ that was what played into my mind. If I could go back and have the wisdom that I have now, at 16/17 when I was being forced to make career choices , I’d just be a bit more authentic.” – 39:00 – Leila Willingham

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