Episode show notes

There’s no shortage of hotels offering 5-star experiences, but without the familial touch that’s present in Maisons Pariente’s resorts, they pail in comparison.

Launching all three hotels in the same year is challenging enough, let alone having one recognised as the pinnacle of French hospitality in Travel + Leisure’s awards.

We dive into the family’s charming approach to hospitality with Co-Founder & Artistic Director, Kimberley Cohen, in a rather continental episode of It Runs In The Family.


This episode covers:

  • Kimberley’s shift from the fashion world in LA to hospitality with her family
  • The ambitious opening of their 3 hotels all in the same year
  • How their familial touch garnered them awards & global acclaim
  • Knowing when to be heard or be quiet, and setting aside your ego
      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

      Episode highlights

      “My father came from nothing. He was a self-made man and he could have sold anything, he’s a real entrepreneur.” – 10:40 – Kimberley Cohen

      “Crillon Le Brave was an operating hotel owned by a family, so we kept it as-is for the first year. We were scared to change the core values and authenticity.” – 18:20 – Kimberley Cohen

      “Paris has different styles and eras, so we didn’t want to choose an era. We want to let people choose which area they want to be in.” – 32:35 – Kimberley Cohen

      “Two years ago we won Travel + Leisure’s Best Hotel in France. We’re a little French hotel in the middle of Provence, but people around the world chose us over so many famous places.” – 39:25 – Kimberley Cohen

      “You have to know when to be quiet and listen, and when to be heard. Also when you’re working with family, the ego is something you have to put aside.” – 54:20 – Kimberley Cohen

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