For so many current or potential vegans, cheese is a vital factor that holds back the joys of plant-based pizza. The father-son team of Mike & Joe Hill, Co-Founders of One Planet Pizza, are making that their challenge to solve.

We’ll soon be seeing One Planet Pizza in some of the country’s biggest supermarkets, so it’s a perfect opportunity to discover the story behind Mike & Joe’s journey. 

We learn about how they integrate non-family into strategic roles, their family dynamic at work, and how they’re encouraging the small changes that’ll make a big difference to our planet.

This episode covers:

  • Broadening the scope of integrating non-family members into strategic roles
  • Methods of managing creative differences, and how they keep work and home life apart
  • One Planet Pizza’s encouragement for the growing awareness of vegan lifestyles
  • How Mike and Joe have conquered the biggest challenge in vegan pizzas – the cheese

Episode Highlights

“I think the only reason this whole business works for us since the start is that we’re both fairly relaxed and easygoing. People tend to keep saying it so I guess you’ve got to start listening eventually! We’re both very passive, both very open to learning.” – 5:15 – Joe Hill

“We’ve got the vegan thing, we’ve got the love of food (particularly of pizzas), and then you’ve got this personality, which either suits yourself or doesn’t suit yourself, being your own boss and setting up your own business with all of the the problems, heartache and headaches that brings.” – 10:15 – Mike Hill

“Cheese is the most difficult thing to cut out because it’s actually addictive because of what it has in it. It’s designed to attract calves to the mother cow. So it’s got things similar to human milk that we get very, very addicted to.” – 24:10 – Mike Hill

“It’s so important for us to say, ‘You’ve got to start somewhere, we all did’. It took us X amount of time, and everyone’s different. The main thing is that you start thinking about it, and start that vegan journey at some point, but we definitely can’t criticise or scare people off it.” – 35:50 – Joe Hill

“I like to think what we’ve done quite well is keep everyone involved in those decision making processes all along the way, and not just make decisions ourselves and then enforce them, which I don’t think would work. Whenever we make a new policy or update everyone on a big change, we get everyone together right at the start, and we want them to help us make those decisions and to join us along that journey.” – 43:30 – Joe Hill

“We had a tasting session at the restaurant that I ran at the time. We made loads of different flavours, and invited friends, family and a vegan society. We had a queue outside the door, waiting for us to open, of about 100 people. That’s the first big thing that I can remember, where I thought  that we may have a business here.” – 1:04:45 – Mike Hill

“As we grow and the team grows, it’s key to let other people in and let them feel like, although it’s a family business, they have a serious place in it and their ideas and thoughts will still be taken just as seriously as ours.” – 1:09:55 – Joe Hill


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