Episode show notes

A universally loved product for all generations is a remarkable starting point for a business to go global, and an exciting reality for the Eriksson brothers behind Boxbollen.

Jacob & Victor have developed a ‘PlayTech’ product earning celebrity endorsements from Khloe Kardashian, Steven Gerrard and Snoop Dogg, building out an infectious, TikTok-able appeal.

The product’s fun factor is matched by the dynamic shared by this Co-Founding duo, who join us for a delightful episode of It Runs In The Family.

This episode covers:

  • The catalyst moment that launched Jacob & Victor’s brand
  • An offence & defence approach between the two
  • Going global with little-to-no tailored marketing
  • Developing a product with universal appeal
  • The impact of several incredible celebrity endorsements
  • Layers of strength and trust built on working with family

Episode highlights

“We usually say that my brother is more on the offence, and myself more the defence, taking care of stuff that really has to be taken care of for the company to be able to to move forward, so I’m doing a lot with the logistics.” – 9:20 – Victor Eriksson

“We argue all day about everything. It’s banter going back and forth to understand whether an idea is good. It’s not personal, it’s about doing good for the business.” – 12:20 – Victor Eriksson

“It’s another layer. It’s not with just anyone, it’s with my brother. When we are together we are super strong. I think it’s on a deep level of trust that we’re on the same team, we have the same goals.” – 18:30 – Jacob Eriksson

“It feels like my life is the work now. I prioritise everything around it. When me and my brother are hanging it’s 95% work-related. Whatever we talk about, we can somehow connect it to the work.” – 24:40 – Victor Eriksson

“Bill Gates got a Boxbollen for Christmas, and we had nothing to do with it. It was totally organic, so that was super fun!” – 32:00 – Jacob Eriksson

“Learn to take ‘No’s. People will say no, but it’s just at just that moment it’s no. It doesn’t mean that it’s no in a month, or in a different setting with a different deal.” – 41:30 – Jacob Eriksson