Episode show notes

Sustainability is the seed at the heart of Teemill, and it’s only grown to such an extravagant extent through the shared vision and values of Mart and Rob Drake-Knight.

The siblings behind the brand have leveraged ‘Isle of Wight mentality’ to go full-send with their venture, and it’s a delight to speak with Mart on this week’s It Runs In The Family.

Join us in episode 60 for a dive into why your mistakes are your value, separating ‘your toys from theirs’ in business, and dropping ‘Instagram-filter entrepreneurship’.

This episode covers:

  • Sustainability at the heart of Mart’s motivation
  • Facilitating their vision for all
  • Why there’s nothing more valuable than your mistakes
  • Mart’s bold, ‘Isle of Wight’ mentality
  • Why you shouldn’t ‘sell your siblinghood’ for business success

Episode highlights

“One thing we had was an Isle of Wight mentality of, ‘Ha ha, let’s just try it’, and also a naivety with minimal exposure to the real world.” – 9:10 – Mart Drake-Knight

“Anyone can launch their own brand on Teemil. It’s great because you come in in the morning, you walk along the production line and see stuff coming out from random people that have just launched their brand last night, have got a couple of sales, and I get really excited about it. ” – 17:15 – Mart Drake-Knight

“Don’t sell out your sibling-ness – you need to make sure the business doesn’t become your relationship.” – 24:30 – Mart Drake-Knight

“We have the same values & vision, and I think both of us really feel fortunate that we don’t need to sugarcoat anything, you can just get straight to the point.” – 35:20 – Mart Drake-Knight

“I’ll offer support to someone who’s struggling – what I tell them is a mistake I’ve made before. If you took away the mistakes, you’d take away your value.” – 41:10 – Mart Drake-Knight

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