Episode show notes

Audrey Githa Goldberg was a health and skincare pioneer, writing two books heralded as ‘bibles’ in their field. That legacy lives on and flourishes through Care of the Skin.

The mother & daughter-run business takes its name from one of these books, and both Lucy & Hannah Bennett continue to bring this industry-leading history to life. Hear more from this outgoing duo as they join us on episode 66 of ‘It Runs In The Family’.

This episode covers:

  • The origins of Care of the Skin, harking from a timeless book
  • Challenges arising from being mother & daughter at all times
  • Exciting future plans to grow the business
  • Celebrity clients valuing their integrity and discretion
            A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

            Episode highlights

            “Skincare was just part of our life really, and beauty therapy was something that I grew up with. As soon as I hit a certain age it just seemed, where my dad was concerned, something that I was going to follow in the footsteps of.” – 6:20 – Lucy Bennett

            “My mum was learning how to do acrylic nails and used my dad as a model… then misplaced the glue remover! So he was walking around the house with six inch long acrylic nails.” – 13:50 – Hannah Bennett

            “Even though clients loved our relationship, I felt it could also have a negative impact, so we had to bite our tongue a lot in front of people.” – 20:55 – Lucy Bennett

            “Even though we’re going shopfront, we’ve still got a discreet entrance, and we’ve still got privacy. We’ve never ever asked any of our celebs to stand next to us and showcase us, and because of that we get more.” – 29:00 – Lucy Bennett

            “When you work with family, it’s hard to then work with someone outside of the family, because they’ve got completely different values. and a different motivation behind the reason that they want to work with you. There’s no one that you can trust like your own mother.” – 36:00 – Hannah Bennett

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