Episode show notes


Glenmuir’s 130 year legacy stands it in great stead, but Managing Director Mikhel Ruia’s constant innovation and tempered approach keeps them moving ever-forwards.

We have the rare opportunity to speak with another business within the same family group as last episode’s Sock Shop; both being part of the Ruia Group and interestingly sharing an evidently effective family ethos…

 This episode covers:

  • Receiving business mentorship from within your entrepreneurial family
  • Mikhel’s pursuit of breaking the ‘3rd gen, rags-to-riches-to-rags’ trope
  • Growing up in a culture of commitment and work ethic
  • The impressive digitisation that Mikhel has brought to the business
  • Finding extraordinary improvements in the ordinary
  • How to have an awareness and tact when handling tense topics
      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

      Episode highlights


      “We wanted to really diversify and get another Scottish brand with great heritage, hence the Glenmuir conversation – it has a 130 year history.” – 2:00 – Mikhel Ruia

      “The best way to learn in business is to make mistakes yourself.” – 8:40 – Mikhel Ruia

      “Nowadays especially, the speed of change is incredibly fast. The different ways that people are consuming media are so quick and ever-changing, that we can’t become stale in the family business.” – 18:00 – Mikhel Ruia

      “If I ask why something’s done a certain way, and the answer is ‘It’s the way we’ve always done it’, I know there’s something to gain there.” – 23:30 – Mikhel Ruia

      “Alok tells me extraordinary change comes from very ordinary improvements. It’s quite ordinary things that you look at and think ‘Wow, that’s really quite basic. Why are you not doing it?’.” – 25:45 – Mikhel Ruia

      “Be very aware of the topics which can cause tension, and just be very careful with how you approach those. ” – 28:40 – Mikhel Ruia

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