Episode show notes

Greenhouses may not be an essential product, but that makes the charm and connection of family values a non-negotiable for the marvellous Alitex.

With celebrity clients from Sheeran to Sting and an indomitable presence at Chelsea Flower Show, it’s no wonder that Tom and Nelly Hall have such pride in their brand.

We join the duo on location this week, sheltering from the elements in one of their very own greenhouses, for a uniquely enlightening episode of It Runs In The Family.

This episode covers:

  • The impostor syndrome of being connected to the business through your family relationship
  • Sharing complementary skills and combined values
  • How family life has influenced Tom’s approach to business ownership
  • Famous names on their roster, including David Beckham’s unforgettable visit to Alitex’s HQ
              A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

              Episode highlights

              “I’ve never trained in marketing, it came with the role. My background was very much in the hospitality industry, but I see hospitality as a word that should be at the forefront of most businesses.” – 15:30 – Nelly Hall

              “Since having a family of his own, Tom has treated Alitex more as a family. The softness and genuine care for the business, and everyone in it, is almost top priority.” – 29:00 – Nelly Hall

              “The salesperson didn’t know who the client was, and I went inside, and I said, ‘David Beckham’s in the greenhouse’ – I think the whole building tilted on its side as everyone rushed to go and discreetly peer out the windows.” – 38:10 – Nelly Hall

              “One of the things we’ve discovered is that the interest in the legalisation of marijuana in the US means that more wealthy, young people are wanting to create their own harvest as it were. We’re learning on our feet!” – 45:30 – Tom Hall

              “If you can find and hold onto people you trust and love, then business becomes life, and that becomes worthwhile.” – 1:11:00 – Tom Hall

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