Episode show notes

A 5 year old Christina Veal wanted ice cream, a simple request that set the wheels in motion on a 40 year legacy in the form of New Forest Ice Cream.

Christina and her sister, Niki Jenman, now head up the business whose charm is tangible in every tasty scoop. These siblings have such undeniable chemistry, and it’s a joy that they shared it with us in this delicious episode of It Runs In The Family!

This episode covers:

  • How the brand has evolved since its charming inception in 1983
  • Standout moments with the family in the business
  • Carving out time for each other
  • The unparalleled role of quality tester for some of the wildest flavours
  • Maintaining the business’ size alongside its lovely family culture
                A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                Episode highlights

                “Christina and I have had jobs since we could remember. We had two or three jobs on the weekend. I think when you grow up from having that work ethic, you then grow up doing the work and wanting to be successful at that.” – 10:35 – Niki Jenman

                “We do think it’s very valuable for us to spend some time together – even though we’ve got partners and other family, we do make an effort to try and have some fun together as well.” – 19:00 – Niki Jenman 

                “We have our customers and potential customers coming on board doing the taste tests. They tell us the results that they found against other competitors of ours – we listen to that a lot.” – 25:15 – Christina Veal

                “We don’t want to lose that customer service and reliability. A lot of our competitors, if you did get a long summer, they would let some of their customers down, which we can jump on because we don’t let our customers now.” – 30:00 – Christina Veal

                “Try and hold it back a bit. Have patience. And I think you’ve got to sit from both sides at all times.” – 38:15 – Christina Veal

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