Episode show notes

Catipilla just celebrated their 6th birthday, and the business’ adorable inception draws upon NASA experience and an unbeatable father-son combination.

Designing furniture fit for our feline family is a job purrfectly suited to this week’s special guest, Andy Sutton, who takes us through the humble beginnings of every cat’s favourite furniture brand.

This episode covers:

  • Andy’s journey as a NASA engineer, before his entrepreneurial career
  • How the family dynamic plays into their decision making process
  • The charming story behind the business’ humble beginnings
  • Moments of pride on their journey to international acclaim
                  A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                  Episode highlights

                  “The turning point was when one of my three sons finished his university degree. He’d done a degree in marketing, and one day came to me and said, ‘Dad, do you think there is scope in the commercialization of that little ramp that you’ve built?’ and I said, ‘Joseph, I hadn’t even thought of that’.” – 4:15 – Andy Sutton

                  “We’re quite fortunate, in that we have different skill sets that complement each other. The engineering side of things is something that I’ve got a lot of experience in, where Joseph’s skills are very much more around marketing.” – 8:00 – Andy Sutton

                  “Almost straight away we were forced into a product redesign, to enable us to get to something that the customer wants, and most importantly the customer will pay for. You can do as many surveys as you’d like, but the acid test is whether they’ll put their hand in their pocket and pay you money for it.” – 20:35 – Andy Sutton


                  “I would say the dedication every day to overcome obstacles is Joseph’s best trait. Startup life isn’t isn’t all fun and games. If I was to categorise it, there’s more difficult stuff than easy stuff. So having the constitution to dig in and get through that is the thing I’d be most proud of Joseph.” – 33:20 – Andy Sutton


                  “I have had not only the shareholders’ and business’ best interests at heart, but I’ve also had the best interests of Joseph and Emma, and indeed my other two sons as well. It’s an obvious thing to say, but I don’t think you can do one in isolation of the other.” – 41:00 – Andy Sutton

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