Episode show notes

The story behind Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn begins with a penchant for holiday gifts from the USA, and its latest chapter sees an iconic brand sharing natural flavours like no other.

Among 4 family Co-Founders is Adam Sopher, whose role now as CEO sees him reside over a business proud to have secured investment and seen its products in Selfridges.

We catch up with Adam on this week’s ‘It Runs In The Family’ to discover their delightful story.

This episode covers:

  • The business’ swift inception with the family’s appearance at a food show in 2010
  • How securing investment felt like validation of what they’d achieved so far
  • Shared family leadership evolving into a more structured approach
  • The combined skill sets of the family creating something special
                    A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                    Episode highlights

                    “My dad ultimately pulled the trigger on it because he booked this consumer show for November 2010, having only decided 12 weeks before that, ‘Actually we should go ahead and do this’. That was ultimately the spark.” – 7:25 – Adam Sopher

                    “It’s really no different now – there’s elation when you win a listing, and then there’s a panic on how the hell do you achieve that listing, and actually deliver that in a way where everyone’s happy? ” – 11:30 – Adam Sopher

                    “Our different strengths and weaknesses was one of the reasons I think we’ve been as successful as we have – we all brought something different to the table.” – 18:35 – Adam Sopher

                    “I can’t remember the last time we would necessarily disagree vehemently about something, but for the first six months it was difficult. How do you talk to each other?” – 27:00 – Adam Sopher

                    “Securing investment was a highlight, because there was something about adding some external credibility to what we’d done. That stamp of approval is satisfying.” – 33:00 – Adam Sopher

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