Kicking off the inaugural episode of It Runs In The Family in fine fashion is Warren Haskins, Chairman of Haskins Garden Centres. Having suddenly been thrust into the driving seat of a business over 100 years and 3 generations old after the sudden passing of his father, Warren shares the story that Haskins has written throughout this time – from a small stretch of land costing just £10 a year to a multi-million pound business with a team over 600 strong!

 We hear how Warren adapted to such a life-altering event, how he shaped the business as a result, and the emphasis on nurturing a strong team and selecting the right staff – even in a family business.

 Warren takes us along on his journey, from childhood memories picking out bedding plants, to his evolving relationship with the business, and a nod to what the future might hold for Haskins…





Episode Highlights


“I had little or no ambition. When I left school, I used to play in a band; I thought about becoming professional. I made the right decision, I think, and the easy thing to do was go into family business. ” – 5:00 – Warren Haskins

 “The few years after my father died, my mother and myself were very close, because my sisters were all away doing their thing. We became very close and that was lovely.” – 10:05 – Warren Haskins

 “I think it’s essential if you want the business to continue, that you protect it as much as you can. I could be got my COVID tomorrow, I hope I’m not, but I think I’ve set the business up in a way that it would survive without me. I’m sure it would survive without me.” – 22:40 – Warren Haskins

 “We have a family meeting every year. And when I was getting to 65 I sat down in front of them and said ‘Look, I’ve always thought that when I was 65 we ought to determine the future of the business’, and their faces all dropped. They thought I was going to sell it, which is one of the loveliest moments of my family business life.” – 29:22 – Warren Haskins


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