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Over 30 years ago, the Fell family began experimenting with the production of ice cream. Now, they’re running the world’s largest ice cream parlour.

This staggering evolution has carried with it a huge degree of tact and trust, a few sizable hurdles, and two generations of a family devoted to an unparalleled experience that extends beyond the ice cream itself.

We hear from 2nd generation Managing Director Jonathan Fell about how he’s gradually taken the reins and continues to grow their family’s ambitious vision.


This episode covers:

  • How a family can steadily diversify their business
  • Evolving a vision organically
  • The benefits and banes of being self-taught in business
  • Finding the right time to pass the torch and assume ownership
  • Honesty around your capabilities and hiring accordingly
      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

      Episode highlights


      “It grew quite organically, really. There was a desire from urban families looking to do something rural. There’s been a paper relatively recently written by a company called Rural Solutions that said ‘Rural is the new seaside’.” – 6:45 – Jonathan Fell

      “It was very gradual, I took on no responsibility early on. Probably because I didn’t want to, and maybe because my parents particularly didn’t want to release any. It was a slow process, but good in the respect that I worked in every single part of the business.” – 10:55 – Jonathan Fell

      “I started getting a little bit obsessed with branding and the power of brand and brand strategy. So I thought, what could the ice cream farm be? Does ice cream grow on trees? It could be this magical wonderland.” – 23:05 – Jonathan Fell

      “My parents were very good and trusting. I’m not saying it’s been easy for them, because it was their baby in the first place. So I think there’s just got to be a lot of trust there.” – 27:15 – Jonathan Fell

      “You need to be honest with yourself about your capabilities. We built this ourselves, but I realised that I needed help to manage it.” – 34:35 – Jonathan Fell

       “I’ll be the first one to admit I took an easy option working in the family business. It was a successful family business and you sort of think it was a bit of an easy option. But I’d like to think that I’ve put a mark on it now.” – 44:25 – Jonathan Fell


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