Episode show notes

Jim De’Ath grew up with the great outdoors central to his childhood. Now it’s at the heart of his entire family and its business: Valley and Peak.

Becoming the 2nd generation to work within the business, Jim’s sights are set on carrying a torch that’ll last for many generations to come…

The way that the family has influenced the business is just as fascinating as the inverse, seeing the family dynamic evolve with the brand – we learn more about the fabulous family behind Valley and Peak on this week’s ‘It Runs In The Family’!

This episode covers:

  • How outdoor activity in Jim’s childhood fed into his business journey
  • Navigating huge life events alongside business demands
  • How working with family alters your dynamics and time together
  • The invaluable benefits of having trust in those leading around you
                      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                      Episode highlights

                      “If you are being raised around business, the jargon, the understanding of it, and sometimes the commitment with family and things like that, I think you can always feel that it’s second nature.” – 4:10 – Jim De’Ath

                      “I think that having your own business can give you the opportunity to navigate these big life events, while still having the flexibility.” – 18:05 – Jim De’Ath

                      “The main topic of conversation with my parents is now work. Some might disagree with that, but this is our passion so it doesn’t bother me.” – 29:00 – Jim De’Ath

                      “Having that issue, I suppose, of communicating when you’re probably saying the same thing but just in a different tone – that’s been one of the biggest challenges from a management perspective.” – 38:30 – Jim De’Ath

                      “It’s sometimes so lonely running a business, so to have your family there – real trusted people behind you – that’s so useful.” – 4300 – Jim De’Ath

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