Episode show notes

In an industry that builds for the present, it takes the care of kinship to build for the future – such is the strategy for Michael and Damien Wynne.

These brothers have always been destined to work together, and as Co-Founders of property development company Q New Homes, they’re not afraid to pass up on profit for the benefit of the planet.

Learn more about these siblings and how they bring their climate-first homes to life in this week’s It Runs In The Family!

This episode covers:

  • The early dreams of working together as kids
  • Why Q New Homes do things differently from the rest of their industry
  • The roster of trusted support that Michael and Damien can call upon
  • How the brothers deal with disagreements
  • Supporting each other without question during their times of need
                          A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                          Episode highlights

                          “We’re easy to work with and transparent, and we treat everyone that works for us the way we like to be treated” – 9:00 – Damien Wynne

                          “We’re doing these houses as if we’re moving in there, we’re making it the best we possibly can. The passion that drives us is the change that we’re trying to make – everything we’re doing, we want it to be the best.” – 21:05 – Michael Wynne

                          “One of my main roles is reigning Damien in. At the end of the day, we all know that if you’ve got an endless pot of money you can build whatever you want, and Damien will come up with some absolutely amazing ideas, but they’re just not always practical.” – 34:25 – Michael Wynne

                          “I’ve had lots of health issues with my children, but Damien has never once questioned whether I can come in.” – 46:35 – Michael Wynne

                          “We’ve had multiple moments, scary moments where you get something come up and you’re frightened. So I’ll call Mike and tell him – I wouldn’t call anyone else.” – 50:20 – Michael Wynne

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