Episode show notes

Every episode of our podcast has posed the same three questions, hoping to track trends across businesses – after 82 episodes, it’s about time we took a look back…

In a very special episode of It Runs In The Family, join us for a journey through some of our favourite answers from the likes of Cook, Thatcher’s and Cornishware among many others, with hilarity, practical advice and heartfelt emotions in equal measure.

This episode covers:

  • The very first memories that tend to implant themselves into family business owners at an early age
  • What, if anything, people would do differently – and whether any regrets linger
  • Invaluable advice for any business leader from those who have worked with family 
A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

Episode highlights

“I guess my first memory is when the builders came in and were changing it all to be a pottery. The first kiln was installed and that was a huge deal.” – 6:45 – Rebecca Rickards, Cornishware

“I think I would have asked my father more questions when he was alive. I guess that’s not really an answer in terms of business. It’s just an answer in terms of appreciating your loved ones and not taking for granted that they could be gone at any second.” – 8:30 – Anabel Kingsley, Phillip Kingsley

“The last 10 years have felt very lucky, and I could have reduced the amount that we relied on luck, if I’d just been sort of better at it and gone out and learned more.” – 12:25 – Anthony Woodhouse, Hall & Woodhouse

“if you don’t trust the people you’re working with right at the top, and I mean, really trust, then you need to do something about that, because it’s unlikely to work out” – 19:50 – Edward Perry, Cook

“If you love the business as you love your family, almost in the sense of a family member, then I think you’ll be on to something very special. ” – 27:15 – Simon Topman, ACME Whistles

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