Episode show notes

When you take charge of your parents’ business, validation comes in many forms – few are quite as strong as winning ‘International Winemaker of the Year’, the first English wine to do so…

Despite the heartfelt challenges of the mid-2010s, Ridgeview Wine Estate’s Simon & Tamara Roberts took the helm of a product that’s been served to royalty… literally!

Discover their story, and the unique challenges of 2nd generation ownership in this week’s episode of It Runs In The Family!

This episode covers:

  • Tamara and Simon’s tips for taking on a 2nd generation business successfully
  • How the Roberts family, and subsequently the business, overcame a tough period of medical challenges & grief
  • The value of industry validation in celebrating your achievements
  • Highlights from the journey so far, from international award wins to selection for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

      Episode highlights

      “As we’ve gotten older, we understand each other’s skill sets. We wanted it to be a family business, and Tamara’s key skill sets are so much what dad needed to support him in growing the business.” – 6:15 – Simon Roberts

      “I don’t know of any relationship where you don’t have to put in work and effort to make it work in the right way.” – 17:30 – Tamara Roberts

       “2014-16 was the most traumatic three years, and it took a long time to bring the culture of the business back to where we wanted it.” – 29:50 – Simon Roberts

      “Always take time out to talk to each other, face to face. Have that time every now and then to check in with each other, because things move on so quickly.” – 45:40 – Tamara Roberts

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