Episode show notes

Wagstaff Watches’ Founder was many things; a countryman, farmer, and to the custodians over 100 years later, a passionate and inspiring watchmaker.

Albert Wagstaff’s legacy is one which remains in safe hands, thanks to his grandson and great-grandsons, and it’s a joy to share a glimpse into this fascinating dynamic as we’re joined this week by Peter Foster on It Runs In The Family.

This episode covers:

  • The unique circumstances behind Peter’s involvement in the business
  • Why arguments are actually a good sign
  • The emotional thread running through Wagstaff Watches right from Albert’s original designs
  • Peter’s long-term view on Wagstaff’s legacy over making a quick buck
A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

Episode highlights

“The way the corporate world has changed is very different from family businesses. There’s stuff that happens in family businesses which nobody ever tells you about before you’re in it, and there’s stuff in the corporate world that doesn’t happen unless you’re in it.” – 12:45 – Peter Foster

“If we didn’t care, if we weren’t having these arguments, I would be more bothered.” – 20:00 – Peter Foster

“Out the blue, a guy started sending us pictures from mountainous regions like it was his own teaser campaign. Then we get a picture that was clearly Nepal, and then we get one from Everest base camp. We’re like, ‘Oh, wow – he’s taking one of our watches up there!’” – 32:30 – Peter Foster

“I’m hoping in 10 years people are talking about us in the same way they talk about the big Swiss brands, but we aren’t selling out. If somebody gave us £10m, we would say no – it’s not what we do.” – 44:35 – Peter Foster

“Even if you’re in your 40s or 50s now, pack in and do your own thing. Start your own family business now. It’s way more fun than farting around having to fill in reports for people who don’t give a damn what you’re doing!” – 50:50 – Peter Foster

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