Episode show notes

If you could bottle up the ingredients to entrepreneurship, it’d be best sold in the loving, careful hands of Simon & Gina Duke…

The mentality passed down through the Duke family is so key to the success of G&I Spirit Group, a multinational family firm where they still commit to having ‘a little love in every bottle’.

Simon & Gina’s journey is utterly fascinating, and the lessons bestowed on their family from generations before are gold dust – tune into this week’s It Runs In The Family to hear all.

This episode covers:

  • The pivots that led Simon to founding G&I Spirits Group
  • Gina’s multifaceted training, having done absolutely everything within the business
  • Why family members need to work twice as hard for respect from co-workers
  • The love that sets G&I’s dynamic apart from the rest
  • How Gina’s commitment to the business balances with being a mother of three
    A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

    Episode highlights

    “We always laugh and say we’ve done everything – I’ve trained as a chef, worked on the door, worked at the bars, waitressing, up to management, I’ve done purchasing… a bit of everything really, but we’ve always worked together as a family.” – 4:30 – Gina Duke

    “I always had to work my way up. I remember my grandad always saying to me, ‘When you come in as family, you have to work twice as hard as everybody else. You can’t be seen to be lazy, you can’t be seen to be given anything, because then you don’t earn the respect that everybody else does’.” – 5:45 – Gina Duke

    “I remember asking dad the difference between a company that works and lasts, and a company that doesn’t. He said, ‘Good luck, God’s will, drive, and passion’. He used to call it Duke’s Luck.” – 10:50 – Simon Duke

    “Sometimes, Simon will say to me, ‘You really need to get this signed off’, and I’m stubborn. I’ll say no, because it’s not perfect. We’ve got a bit of a motto that a little bit of love goes into every bottle.” – 23:45 – Gina Duke

    “Focus on where you want to go. Focus on your journey. Drive, change direction if you need to. The difference between a company that makes it and one that doesn’t, is good planning, good advice from all the important people around you, and drive & determination.” – 49:15 – Simon Duke

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