Episode show notes

2020 put the events space in jeopardy; One pivot, and Pow Food found its feet in style.

Ali & Emily Warburton’s business story starts with a mission to revolutionise workplace food, and has evolved into a home range that embodies the duo’s relentless progression!

Join Ali & Emily on It Runs In The Family as the mother-daughter pair shares how their alignment is a blessing and a curse, the blueprint to pivoting swiftly, and how they balance their polar opposite skill sets.

This episode covers:

  • The catalyst for Emily’s involvement in Pow Foods, and the pivot from the events space
  • The perfect combination of polar opposite skill sets
  • Why having a joint mission and alignment is both a blessing and a curse
  • The family roots of Ali and Emily’s ambitious values
      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

      Episode highlights

      “Food was always a complete focal point of the family growing up, being around chefs and events, and all our friends used to work as waitresses on events. Then we saw this shift towards healthier food.” – 4:30 – Emily Warburton

      “It’s a case of just having to be very lateral and understand, ‘Okay, that hasn’t worked. So what are we going to do with what we’ve got?’” – 15:00 – Ali Warburton

      “We have incredibly different skill sets, I’d say they’re opposite – but we do complement each other really well.” – 30:00 – Ali & Emily Warburton

      “I always wanted a company to work on, and I’m a late starter on that. I’ve got loads of drive, and I’m loving it on a daily basis!” – 39:20 – Ali Warburton

      “I became a health coach, and I’ve always been very into nutrition. We use nutritionists for everything, and it’s an absolute passion of mine that I wish I had the credentials to actually be that person within the business myself.” – 44:30 – Emily Warburton

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