Episode show notes

Dyson, DeLonghi, Kenwood – while the adults play with the real thing, Casdon’s decades-long mission has been inspiring joy through iconic toys.

Role-play is such an inspiring part of kids’ childhoods, and at the head of the business bringing these visions to life is 3rd gen Managing Director, Phil Cassidy.

Phil joins us on It Runs In The Family for a look behind the licences, the playful family feel of Casdon, and what makes his international expansion so extraordinary!

This episode covers:

  • How the ‘Cassidy Brothers’ story evolved into an iconic role-play toy brand
  • Phil making his mark on a business that’s already three generations strong
  • The incredible stories that come from making licensed toys from the likes of Dyson and DeLonghi
  • Standout memories and visions of the business’ future custodians
A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

Episode highlights

“My brother does a very different part of the business. He’s in engineering, tooling, factories, factory management, all that sort of stuff. Whereas I’m more of the front facing sales element of it. Putting it simply he makes it and I flog it, that’s the simple split!” – 20:45 – Phil Cassidy

“This business is part of who I am. I’m often approached to sell the business, and I have zero interest – I’m lucky where I am, and I want that to continue.” – 22:00 – Phil Cassidy

“Values x behaviour = culture. I feel really strongly that we have such good culture – that comes from my granddad, that comes from my dad, and that comes through to today.” – 29:10 – Phil Cassidy

“I would have done things massively differently in respect to self-care, and occasionally using the word ‘No’ too.” – 36:20 – Phil Cassidy

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