Episode show notes

Around 70% of businesses start off at home, and from humble beginnings in Adi Meintjes’ kitchen, the deliciously captivating Banhoek Chilli Oil was born.

He and his brother-in-law, Ken Kinsey-Quick, have global aspirations for a brand that’s survived early pandemic setbacks in bringing a family recipe to life!

The duo join us on It Runs In The Family to share their unique dynamic, how business bonds them as if they were brothers by blood, and what makes Adi the ‘Walter White’ of chilli oil…

This episode covers:

  • The family dinners that sparked a stunning original recipe
  • How the brothers-in-law have worked together, combining strengths and aligning to solve challenges
  • Banhoek’s tough start in early-2020, and how they thrived in the wake of Covid
  • Why their celebrations of success are muted until they reach their ‘ultimate goal’
    A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

    Episode highlights

    “Adi is a real foodie, we nickname him ‘Walter White’ – he’s got an amazing palette, and that’s really the key as you’ve got to have a good product first and foremost.” – 8:00 – Ken Kinsey-Quick

    “We’ve literally got the carrier oil, and we’ve got the pure dried chilies. So to be consistent, it means that we have to grow the same variety actually, year in and year out and process it the same way.” – 10:05 – Adi Meintjes

    “I trust Adi implicitly, we probably wouldn’t be working together if we didn’t have that level of trust.” – 20:00 – Ken Kinsey-Quick

    “We have to make sure we do everything properly. So if we’re going to make mistakes (and we’ve made a lot of mistakes over the last four years), at least we’ve made them in South African Rand first, where it’s so much cheaper.” – 28:30 – Ken Kinsey-Quick 

    “We often discuss business over a barbecue, or walking in the mountains with the dogs, so it’s not imperative that you separate business totally from pleasure, but everyone’s different.” – 34:50 – Adi Meintjes

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