Episode show notes

Despite the world of estate agency evolving dramatically the Tailor Made approach remains true 25 years on from its inception.

Now led primarily by 2nd generation siblings Robert and Adrian, it’s a business bleeding true family values throughout as they build trust selling on some of the most coveted land in the country – Sandbanks.

Join the duo for lessons and laughs in abundance, as their personality seeps into this fantastic episode of It Runs In The Family!

 This episode covers:

  • How the duo came to work together within Tailor Made
  • Differing strengths and skill sets between siblings
  • Values passed down from the previous generation that serve the business immensely today
  • Standout memories working as a family, particularly with some star-studded clients
                        A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                        Episode highlights

                        “We have a lot of respect for each other – we’re both quite different, and I think that helps a lot.” – 15:20 – Adrian Dunford

                        “The team is an important part of our success, because it’s about having the right staff, the right synergy, the right experience and skill sets in the office. I think that also happens to distinguish who Tailor Made is and what we’re about.” – 26:40 – Robert Dunford

                        “It’s something that we preached to all the team, you’re nice to everybody. It doesn’t matter who walks in, doesn’t matter about their wealth. Make yourself known and welcome them regardless.” – 40:00 – Robert Dunford

                         “The branding process has been really cathartic, a real eye opener in making you think about what our business is. Why do we exist? What do we do? What’s our reason just for being there? What’s people’s perceptions of us?” – 54:35 – Adrian Dunford

                        “It comes down to the personalities of the individuals going into business with family – You’ve got to have an open mind, and be patient with each other.” – 1:05:10 – Robert Dunford

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