Episode show notes

Since its inception in 1980, the humble Glaswegian beginnings of Pagazzi Lighting have bloomed into a leading lighting retailer, with the delightful Pagan family at the helm.

Founded by Alan and Laura Pagan, they’re now joined in the business by daughter Rebecca – it’s the mother-daughter duo joining us on the podcast this week to share the charming stories, back-to-the-wall moments and family spirit that lights their way…

This episode covers:

  • The story behind Pagazzi’s bold, naive beginnings
  • How the family dynamic works with work-life balance & handling disagreements
  • Their feeling of responsibility for team members, and the extra drive that gives you
  • The importance of non-family members in the team’s growth
  • Pagazzi’s admirable ambitions to continue expanding further south
                  A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                  Episode highlights

                  “Now I look back and just think we thought the world was our oyster. I think just being young and naive was pretty helpful at the time.” – 7:30 – Laura Pagan

                  “It’s astounding what you can do when everyone is pulling in the same direction.” – 22:15 – Rebecca Pagan

                  “One thing that John Forbes, who’s worked with us for a couple of years, said is ‘It’s unbelievable. You could be absolutely going at each other in a meeting, then 20 minutes later it’s all forgotten about and everything’s fine’. You can’t let it boil over. ” – 28:45 – Rebecca Pagan

                  “We’re just as good as we’ve always been, but people got out of the habit and the generational shift to online shopping makes it a little bit harder to be visible. So my future looks like more stores, more web growth, and just getting people to know about us as a brand.” – 42:15 – Rebecca Pagan

                  “I wouldn’t take people leaving the business personally like I did when I was younger. Although we hate to lose good people, you can’t keep everyone forever.” – 53:45 – Laura Pagan

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