Episode show notes

Pembrokeshire is a stunning stretch of Welsh coastline whose beauty should sell itself, but it’s Coastal Cottages’ community-building that builds the experience around it.

Join us on It Runs In The Family to hear how Matthew and Sophie Evans channel their complementary talents in building a charming holiday cottage agency, all whilst founding one of Wales’ biggest sporting exports on the side…

This episode covers:

  • The story behind how the duo came to run Coastal Cottages
  • How they hold onto their wonderful staff 
  • Why they’re sometimes described as a ‘dating agency for holiday homeowners and holidaymakers’
  • Bringing more family into the business
  • How they’re bringing attention to the gorgeous area of Pembrokeshire
                      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

                      Episode highlights

                      “The idea was that we could tell people; Don’t just come to Pembrokeshire because it’s the summer holidays and you know the area, come because you could have a watercolour painting lesson in June when everyone else is doing school exams, or come in November and learn how to horse ride on the beach.” – 5:50 – Sophie Evans

                      “I think we’re all brought up here to appreciate everything. We do value our own doorstep massively.” – 16:40 – Matthew Evans

                      “It is very clear, there is a fundamental difference between running a business and owning a business, because the buck stops with you. Even the little things, every question – it’s down to you.” – 25:45 – Matthew Evans

                      “I love the feeling of a house, not just its facilities, so we work hard on being very specialist in Pembrokeshire – we can give people an idea of which village might tick all your boxes.” – 39:55 – Sophie Evans

                      “Just listen to all your problems, all the issues that have been brought to you from whether it’s staff, owners, guests – they’re all your challenges to overcome to make the next big step.” – 48:35 – Sophie Evans

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