Episode show notes

Some businesses’ products you simply can’t, or shouldn’t, live without – Lyfeguard sets out to make everyone’s lives simpler in a way that few other businesses ever can…

In the aftermath of a torrid experience handling two late friends’ estates, Gary Steward and son Fraser Co-Founded a company with care and heart at its core. 

Join us to hear their story, how they separate business from family life, and why for them being a family business is a double edged sword of sorts…

This episode covers:

  • Separating business and family lives
  • Combining complementary skills between family members and team members
  • The emotional pain that Lyfeguard directly aims to alleviate
  • Fraser’s experiences in Parliament
            A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

            Episode highlights

            “I felt a lot of pressure on me to find this information for my late friends’ families. That’s when we conceived the idea of Lyfeguard, because I thought to myself, ‘What happens to my family if the same thing happens to me?’” – 3:05 – Gary Stewart

            “Always remember that it’s business when you’re having these conversations, and separate your family and business life.” – 59:00 – Fraser Stewart

            “What I think we really need to do is appeal to all generations. How else can this app be useful for me right now? ” – 17:35 – Fraser Stewart

            “Trust for me is everything. I’m a great believer in trusting people until they give you a reason not to. I think that’s helped me in good stead, and that’s exactly the relationship we’ve got.” – 24:30 – Gary Stewart

            “There’s always going to be pain for families, they’ve got to grieve when they’ve lost someone they love. But to make sure there’s no red tape and paperwork on top of that, if we can answer that then I think we’ve done extremely well.” – 46:00 – Fraser Stewart

            “You need a team around you with different skills. I’m a tech guy, but Fraser is more creative, and what a privilege it is to work with my son.” – 7:30 – Gary Stewart

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