Episode show notes

Forget all you know of a farm shop – Nick and Ash Sinfield have created an iconic location in the business they’ve Co-Founded together: Teals.

The couple have created a remarkable blend of commerce and hospitality with a food market, restaurant, and range of wellness classes to name a selection of factors that make Teals stand out.

We’re joined by Nick and Ash to share how their family dynamic changed when they became Co-Founders, the value of values, and how to keep the business from becoming all-consuming.

This episode covers:

  • Teals’ opening three years ago, and bumpy first few years
  • The difference between working together and founding a business together
  • Creating a team dynamic where they enable their team, not inhibit them
  • Their responsibility as a budding B Corp to-be
  • Maintaining a healthy dynamic when the business becomes overwhelming
      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

      Episode highlights

      “Because of the way the building was designed, we were quite sympathetic to make sure it fits within the landscape quite comfortably as it feels like an agricultural building.” – 6:00 – Ash Sinfield

      “If you’re starting a business a little bit later in your lifecycle, it actually gives you the advantage of having been through those experiences previously and understood what works with us, and what doesn’t.” – 12:45 – Nick Sinfield

      “It’s important that the team doesn’t feel constrained. It’d be a big concern if the team felt that our presence would inhibit their performance.” – 17:35 – Nick Sinfield

      “Ash is doing more work on the community side now, which we think is really important for the business, but I think it’s also an enjoyable part of what you do.” – 33:20 – Nick Sinfield

      “It was challenging to start a business during Covid that challenges the norm – what we do isn’t really done anywhere else in the UK, and I’m proud of that.” – 34:30 – Ash Sinfield

      “Hospitality has suffered much abuse, particularly in kitchens around working hours. One of our key decisions when we opened was: that’s not going to be Teals.” – 44:30 – Nick Sinfield

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