The first six episodes of It Runs In The Family have proven to be a treasure trove of family business experience, with companies passed through generations, sibling connections on an almost telepathic level, and an incredible degree of humility from all of our wonderful guests.

With this in mind, we’ve collated some of our favourite moments from across the show so far that have us excited to bring you many more of the biggest and most intriguing family brands in the months to come! 

The highlights from this episode come from episodes 1 to 6, with:

    • Warren Haskins of Haskins Garden Centres
    • Joyce and Raissa De Haas of Double Dutch Drinks
    • Matt and Anthony Woodhouse of Hall & Woodhouse
    • Jim and Suzie Cregan from Jimmy’s Iced Coffee
    • Paul and Will Hendy of Hendy Group
    • Jill and Jack Stein from The Seafood Restaurant

Episode Highlights

“We have a family meeting every year. And when I was getting to 65 I sat down in front of them and said ‘Look, I’ve always thought that when I was 65 we ought to determine the future of the business’, and their faces all dropped. They thought I was going to sell it, which is one of the loveliest moments of my family business life.” – Warren Haskins


“We always said Heineken would be the best family to have on board because it’s so relevant from a cultural perspective. They’re family owned, Dutch, the second biggest beer brand in the world, and one of the biggest drinks brands in the world. So the fact we have them on board has been really amazing.” – Double Dutch


“Whoever’s running the business in 10-20 years’ time, if that’s the exact same way it’s being run now then we probably aren’t doing a very good job, because if we hadn’t adapted and innovated, we’re going to be left behind.” – Matt Woodhouse


“We have this thing called Take 24, which is just to sleep on it and we’ll come back with the answer tomorrow. Because if it’s going to be worth it, you then have to sleep on it because it’s such a big decision. And then if you come out of it saying no, you can go ‘Oh, yes! I’m so glad we said no’.” – Jim Cregan


“The crucial piece is who you get around you, your support network, the team that you create and manage to motivate is absolutely crucial. It’s not about us. It’s NOT about us. It’s about that team being the best in the business, understanding our values, and everything that we stand for, executing it and delivering it. That’s what it’s about.” – Paul Hendy


“You need to find the right people and then trust them to do the job. If you’re second guessing or micromanaging the top of your team who you’re empowering to run your business, then you’re going to struggle. ” – Jack Stein




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