Episode show notes

Creating a world-first product is already an admirable feat, but to do so with Audrey Hepburn as your collaborator is almost unimaginable.

Philip Kingsley created the ‘Elasticizer’ for his eponymous brand, and his passion for haircare & trichology feeds so clearly into his daughter, Brand President Anabel Kingsley.

Join us on ‘It Runs In The Family’ for a sublime exhibition of values and morals passed through generations, with some star-studded stories along the way…

This episode covers:

  • A company built on pure values of ethics and honesty
  • Taking the reins suddenly upon Anabel’s father’s passing
  • Whether her dad’s legacy is consciously followed or simply instinctual
  • How working with Audrey Hepburn led to the creation of a world-first product
  • Pride in what came before and ambition in what’s to come

Episode highlights

“No one really understood how your general health and your diet and stress levels can impact your hair and scalp. Dad saw this from the beginning, so the experience that he was giving men and women who came to see him was completely different.” – 6:00 – Anabel Kingsley

“It was amazing to be part of dad’s passion, and I’m so passionate about the company – continuing the legacy he left, and core values of ethics and honesty.” – 13:25 – Anabel Kingsley

“I always will have that in the back of my mind, ‘Would he approve’, but then also what he’d approve of, I approve of and what he would disapprove of, I would disapprove of. It’s very much one and the same.” – 24:15 – Anabel Kingsley

“Audrey Hepburn asked my dad for products to repair and moisturise hair but not wear it down. He went into the lab, and formulated the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment.” – 30:00 – Anabel Kingsley

“I would have asked my father more questions when he was alive. That’s not really an answer in terms of business, just in terms of appreciating your loved ones and not taking for granted that they could be gone at any second.” – 40:15 – Anabel Kingsley

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