Episode show notes

As one of three Co-Founders, Emma Brooks deals not only with a sibling in business, but a spouse too – a unique blueprint to say the least!

Emma is Managing Director of iampro alongside husband Ben, Head of Production, and sister Charlie, whose face you might recognise from over one thousand episodes of EastEnders!

We’re joined by Ben & Emma in this week’s podcast to share how their platform trains acting talent, how to keep work talk out of the home, and the importance of boundaries between Co-Founders.

This episode covers:

  • Finding fulfilment in mentoring and guidance for talented young people
  • Upholding the business outlook with sibling and spouse dynamics at play
  • The relationship between the three Co-Founders with Charlie Brook’s TV commitments on EastEnders
  • Strategies to leave work at the door
  • Setting boundaries to protect your family relationship

Episode highlights

“That’s why I love iampro, because I’m still making a difference to people’s lives. We really are seeing people now come through and getting opportunities that they would never have had if it wasn’t for our platform – but without the stresses that came with being a secondary school teacher.” – 7:40 – Emma Brooks

“It’s not easy to try and keep a professional outlook, a business outlook and not make it about being brother and sister, or husband and wife. There have been some precarious times and moments.” – 15:15 – Ben Brooks

“We live and breathe the company, it’s a massive part of us and we’ve invested so much into it.” – 32:30 – Emma Brooks

“All the top actors still have acting coaches, they still go to class, they’re still learning. As you grow and you and you go through different stages in your life, you take on different things, and you and you look at things differently. Your acting journey never stops.” – 39:00 – Ben Brooks

“Boundaries are very important, especially as husband and wife. It’s hard, but it’s a necessity to enjoy home life as well as work life, balancing it out.” – 45:30 – Ben Brooks

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