Episode show notes

It’s been 58 episodes of family business revelations so far on It Runs In The Family, and it’s time we take an exploded view on our marvellous guests, with a forensic look into our very own family business DNA too…

As we celebrate an incredible 25 years of Liz Lean PR, we’re recalling some of our favourite moments from the podcast so far, and pulling the common threads to share what we see in their success and in ourselves.

This episode covers:

      • Some of our favourite highlights from the huge array of stunning guests to date
      • Constant threads we’ve seen throughout the series so far, from the power of communication to strength in your team
      • Looking back at 25 years of our own business, Liz Lean PR, and what we see of ourselves in many of our guests
A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

Episode highlights

“The quote that really made me cry was about loving the family business as if it were a family member. I’d argue that’s, for me, a highlight moment from the whole podcast journey, it was so profound.” – 5:50 – Leila Willingham

“This was something we didn’t foresee happening, but probably one of the most interesting accidental outcomes; Communication comes up time and time again as a theme. This podcast now helps to promote what we do in such an indirect way, because communication is so key.” – 12:45 – Leila Willingham

“What I think is really compelling is the human element that gets drawn out the vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are not seen as weaknesses, being strong and empowered to share your journey and the humps in the road, and show your vulnerabilities and explain to your audiences why you’ve had those vulnerabilities, especially in a family context.” – 16:00 – Liz Willingham

“Somehow, we managed to create an atmosphere around us that feels very family friendly, feels like we’re going to treat everyone like family, get to know them like family, care for them like family. We have their backs all the time.” – 25:00 – Liz Willingham

“I think we should take this opportunity to pat ourselves on the back, pat our team members past and present on the back, and acknowledge our clients for being wholly awesome.” – 27:00 – Liz Willingham

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