Episode show notes

Chocolate: a medium in which 99% of products look near-enough identical. Choc on Choc are proud producers of that dazzling, awe-inspiring 1%.

From edible dumbbells and banquets to 6ft chocolate tables and faces of royals, the creative spark behind the business belongs to the father-daughter duo of Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton.

Get under the skin of this charming, innovative brand as Kerr and Flo join us on this week’s episode of It Runs In The Family!

This episode covers:

  • The evolving division of creative input between Flo and Kerr
  • Choc on Choc’s most ambitious products, from royal faces to 6ft tables
  • Kerr’s extensive experience in crafting and gifts
  • Taking on M&S’ copycat product as an opportunity to be stocked in their stores
  • Fond memories of their most innovative projects
A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

Episode highlights

“Having seen mum and dad for years have their own businesses, it just felt like for me, that was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. ” – 3:50 – Flo Broughton 

“Flo sees all the trends and the moves that are going on, which I don’t see at all to be honest! But I can carve whatever she wants. So at the moment it’s Flo who creates all the images and the ideas.” – 8:10 – Kerr Dunlop

“In terms of colouring, people sometimes say ‘Could you just go to this Pantone’ – it is chocolate… We have to try and remind people, but because we create such realistic things, often people don’t want to accept that so we have to push ourselves.” – 14:30 – Flo Broughton 

“Prince Harry’s Bar gave away a Meghan and Harry chocolate with every drink that was bought for a week, it was a promotional thing that we managed to do. That was the first job we got for the Prince Harry lookalike and he’s now quite famous.” – 17:00 – Flo Broughton 

“It started to take off in that people realised it was a different product that could result in a gift shop and didn’t have to be in a chocolate shop. We had that market to ourselves really for 10 years before other people cottoned on that there was a market in the gift shop.“” – 23:50 – Kerr Dunlop

“What dad does is not what other people can do. I think the fact that we can just work together and dad can make these absolutely incredible things, I don’t take that for granted. ” – 31:50 – Flo Broughton 

“It was funny – as part of Mary Berry’s show on the BBC she wanted us to teach her how to make chocolate, and obviously I’m like ‘Dad, we’re frauds here. We don’t even know how to make chocolate, were completely self taught!’” – 39:40 – Flo Broughton

“Enjoy what you’re doing. If it’s hard, then don’t do it. You have to be relaxed and enjoy yourself, otherwise there’s no point.” – 49:50 – Kerr Dunlop

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