Peaky Blinders may have wrapped up, but the marvellous marital team behind Perky Blenders is showing no signs of slowing.

Adam and Victoria Cozens are the Co-Founding team behind the growing roasters, doing so with an admirable degree of collaboration and care for the community. 

The couple join us in this week’s It Runs In The Family to discuss how they attracted Levi’s & Google, the future of the coffee movement, and the family business story that’ll help them stay on the forefront of it.

This episode covers:

  • The invaluable sense of community that brings Perky Blenders’ true value
  • How a husband and wife team balances business and bringing up their children
  • Pride in each other’s developing skills and roles in the business
  • Advancing their brand-building through collaboration and celebrating local businesses

Episode Highlights

“Within the London area, we could feel there was a movement of speciality coffee becoming much more popular and much more noticed. There were other roasteries starting to make momentum. We realised that there was still room to do that, so it was a good solid route to go down.” – 6:20 – Victoria Cozens

“Some of it I can’t even really clearly remember, but the more you speak to other parents, you realise that so many people do go through the same experience.” – 13:30 – Victoria Cozens

“We took the route of family and community where we work because we enjoy it. The more enjoyment, the more story that’s created naturally from a product, not trying to cultivate something.” – 22:25 – Adam Cozens

“It certainly is true to say it is challenging, and it constricts your emotions, and takes you to places you’ve never been before. But it’s also really wonderful, because you’re sharing it together, and you’re there for each other when it is tough. But when you’ve got things to celebrate, it’s a great feeling to be able to share that with the person that you’re closest to.” – 27:25 – Victoria Cozens

“Bigger companies that everybody’s known and heard of – Levi’s, Google UNIQLO – they approached us to work with them. I’m just thinking, ‘How has that come about?’, and realise it’s probably the huge amount of work we’ve put in.” – 41:00 – Victoria Cozens

“I tend to refer people to Victoria to connect them now, which is something that would have been the other way around to start with. It definitely works that way now, so I’m very proud of her for that.” – 48:45 – Adam Cozens

“I wish I had more time to tap into all the great things that there are in the coffee community. Maybe one day, I will expand that a bit more, but there’s so much available to be part of a great community. I felt really lucky to be part of that.” – 1:02:00 – Victoria Cozens

“I think the key piece of advice to anyone is make sure you have a vision. But don’t be worried that that vision is going to sway and curve. You move a couple of degrees in one direction, you go to a very different destination, but you’re going in the right direction.” – 1:07:00 – Adam Cozens

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