Your employees are your greatest asset.

Internal communications strategies to inform, engage and create authentic brand advocates










Communications planning all too often overlooks your most critical stakeholder group; the people who dedicate their expertise and energy into making your business a success.

Well-engaged employees are more likely to be happy at work, stay with your company, and act as ambassadors to potential recruits and customers. So if you haven’t already got an internal communications function which puts your employees in the hero position, why not?

It’s a misapprehension that internal communications needs to be done… well, internally. Our years of expertise with clients has given us tried and tested methods of acting as your ‘comms team on the inside’, creating a holistic approach where internal and external stakeholders are given equal consideration.

Bringing your internal and external comms under one ownership also creates efficiencies – a consistent tone of voice, a correctly balanced flow of information and timeliness, and the right level of priority to emerging news stories and business updates.