“‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello” has changed to “ho ho ho” for Christmas, with both Hampshire and Dorset police enjoying some fun in the media for the festive season. They raised a snigger here at LLPR towers – so we thought we’d share!

Portsmouth PC Mark Walsh has posted a series of Vines for the launch of the Hampshire Police’s drink driving campaign, It’s Not Worth the Risk.

Our favourite is this one – The Force Awakens – where he arrests a drink-driving Stormtrooper and has a mission trying to get the breathalyser in the right orifice.

And it seems Dorset police couldn’t resist a bit of a chortle this week, either.

The force’s No Excuse team told the Daily Echo that they spotted a naked motorist during an operation, explaining: “Unfortunately there were no officers free to stop this vehicle (or at least no-one volunteered), so we will perhaps never get to the bottom of what he was up to – we can only hope he didn’t upset anyone at either end of his journey.”

The puns may be criminal, but a bit of a giggle makes you more likely to share a story, so we reckon it’s good to use the force for some positive publicity…