Episode show notes


The appeal of Wookey Hole Caves extends far beyond the titular attraction, and that’s thanks to the unrelenting love and ambition of its current custodians.

Sarah Ramsay and her daughter Ellen found themselves suddenly helming a beloved legacy, and have brought together their collective creativity to bring the caves to life.

It was a delight to speak with Sarah & Ellen on It Runs In The Family, where their passion is a heartwarming spectacle that tops off their incredible story.

This episode covers:

  • How the family handled the loss of Sarah’s father from Covid
  • Being the guardian of a historic brand
  • The recent rebranding of Wookey Hole to refresh their legacy
  • Moments of alignment and pride with the rest of the family
      A graphic with Robin, Judy and Ollie.

      Episode highlights

      “As they declared lockdown, we were actually doing rehearsals for one of our magic shows. There were 10 of us together in one room, so we might as well have stayed together. We were very, very fortunate.” – 3:10 – Sarah Ramsay

      “I am the Director of Wookey Hole, but I don’t see myself as that.  I’m just the Guardian at this time in its history.” – 10:40 – Sarah Ramsay

      “He always had his nice cars and nice things, but the reason he did it was never for himself. It was always for us. He would’ve driven around in a banger if it meant we were okay.” – 20:50 – Ellen Ramsay

      “We are a medium-sized family run entertainment, but we haven’t got millions in the bank. So with the things we choose to do, we have to choose wisely.” – 29:30 – Sarah Ramsay

      “I always wanted kids, I wanted a family. But I have friends but younger than me, and they don’t think they would have kids because it just helps society. The world is changing, so we need to make sure we’re changing with those times, otherwise we’re going to be stuck behind.” – 39:20 – Ellen Ramsay

      “Mental health is a massive thing. People struggle. You want them to come to you and vice versa. It’s not about ‘I’m the manager and you’re a pot washer’. No. We are a team. I can’t do it without you, and they can’t do it without us.” – 47:40 – Ellen Ramsay

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