I’ve scanned the latest news and updates in the social media world and here are the most important changes I’ve come across this week:

Successful social media campaign: Chiquito launches #SayFreeze on Snapchat

  • The Tex-Mex brand has launched a new campaign on Snapchat in a bid to encourage more of a buzz around its new frozen cocktail summer menu.
  • The hashtag #SayFreeze accompanies the new virtual cocktail bar.
  • Fans will be able to tune into live cocktail making sessions on Snapchat.


In other social media news…

X Factor and Facebook Live

  • This week, Facebook has announced that X Factor hopefuls can audition through Facebook Live, for the first time ever.
  • This new addition was revealed in a video announcement by the one and only Dermot on Facebook earlier this week.
  • Hopefuls who register in time will be able to audition through Facebook Live, just as they would in face-to-face auditions, only with the addition of emojis as users react live to the audition.


Twitter’s 140 character limit

  • A spokesperson for Twitter has revealed that it will no longer be counting photos and videos in its 140-character limit. Social media managers are now breathing a sigh of relief across the globe!
  • By discounting media attachments, Twitter hopes to make the channel easier to use and more attractive to newcomers.
  • Another change, is that names included at the start of a reply will no longer be included.


Audience Network ad system

  • There is simply no escaping Facebook’s advertising reach – even those who don’t have a Facebook account will now be force fed ads.
  • Anyone who uses third-party sites, regardless of having a Facebook account or not will now be shown Facebook ads.
  • Until now, Facebook would only show an ad to a member when landing on a third-party site that was signed up to its Audience Network ad system. Now, however, it will be able to track what everyone does when visiting those pages.